League Registration & Schedule Maker Software

Sports League Management Software & Schedule Maker


ManageYourLeague.com began development in 2002 by our company CEO who was also the league president of a local youth sports organization.  The league management software was initially developed to provide online registration, as well as in person registration.  The sports management software did such a great job at providing a configurable registration system, many local youth sports leagues began using ManageYourLeague.com to do their registration and provide a league website.  Because our sports management software was built by somebody who ran a youth sports organization with experience in registration, game and practice scheduling, volunteering, umpire and referee scheduling, and a league’s website, it has all of the functionality that youth and adult sports need in a web league manager.

As the popularity of this grew, additional features such as scheduling, player draft, and many other features continued to be added.  Over time, more and more full-time staff members dedicated entirely to ManageYourLeague.com were added as gradually hundreds of leagues began using our web league manager and the needs and feature requests continued to grow.  Now ManageYourLeague.com is being used in most states and in several countries varying anywhere from very tiny leagues with 100 players to National organizations with tiers of leagues under them.  The league management software continues to grow as new feature requests are added and as the availability in technology is constantly changing the industry.