House Playoff Rules 10 - 13

  10 to 13 division fall and winter house Playoff rules

1.      Seeding: Only the top 6 teams can make the playoff as there are only 3 weeks dedicated to playoff scheduling. The top 2 seeds will play each other in a “bye” game with no implications. The 3 seed will play the 6 seed the 4 seed will play the 5 seed. IF the winner of the 3 v. 6 game is the 6 seed they will play the 1st place team, and if the winner of the 4 v. 5 game is the 5 seed they will play the 2nd place team in the 2nd round. If no upsets and the 3 and 4 seeds advance the 4 seed will play the 1 seed and the 3 seed will play the 2 seed. Winners advance to the championship game while the loser from each semifinal plays each other for 3rd place.

2.      Duration of Game – Two (25) minute halves with a (5) minute break. In the event of a tie at the end of regulation there will be a penalty shootout that consists of 5 shooters from each team.  A player may only shoot once and a goalie can be one of the 5. Player must wait for the referee to blow the whistle before shooting the ball making sure both players are set and ready. If amount of goals are tied after five shooters a 1 player sudden death will continue until one team has one more goal than the opposing team.

3.      Substitution – at any stoppage of play (unlimited), must sub at midfield

Each Player MUST Play 50% of the Game (this is not negotiable)

4.      Size 4 ball

5.      Player’s Equipment – All players must wear shin guards covered by socks, and have matching jerseys.

·        Cleats are not required but highly recommended due to variable weather in fall. Indoor at Epic is recommended soccer shoes or turf shoes.

6.      Free Kicks - All free kicks are indirect (the ball must complete one revolution). This means that a goal may not be scored until the ball has been touched by a second player from either team.

7.      Throw-in from sideline. Players will be allowed (1) re-throw with instruction.

8.      Goal Kick – No opposing players within 10 yards of the 18 yard box.

9.      Corner Kick – Opposing players should be 5 yards away.

10.  Kick-Offs – Indirect kicks, must be touched by at least 2 players

·       There will be a strict adherence to the club policy on fair play and sportsmanship for all players, coaches and parents /fans. Non compliance will result in a warning the second offense will be expulsion from the match for player, coach or parent/fan.



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