House Rules 10 - 13

  10 to 13 division fall and winter house

1.      8v8 including goal keepers

2.      Duration of Game – Two (25) minute halves with a (5) minute break

3.      Substitution – at any stoppage of play (unlimited), must sub at midfield

Each Player MUST Play 50% of the Game (this is not negotiable)

4.      Size 4 ball

5.      Player’s Equipment – All players must wear shin guards covered by socks, and have matching jerseys.

·        Cleats are not required but highly recommended due to variable weather in fall. Indoor at Epic is recommended soccer shoes or turf shoes.

6.      Free Kicks – The free kick can either be direct (the player taking the lick can score from a direct shot) or indirect kick (ball must travel one revolution and be touched by another player/teammate before the ball can be scored.

7.      Throw-in will be from nearest point the ball exits the field of play. The player must keep both feet touching the ground by standing still or dragging a foot behind the touch line, all illegal throw ins will result in the other team taking possession at the same spot and a throw in for that team.

8.      Goal Kick – No opposing players within 10 yards of the 18 yard box.

9.      Corner Kick – Opposing players should be 5 yards away.

10.  Kick-Offs –  Play like an indirect kick, must be touched by at least 2 players

11.  Hand balls Will be enforced IF the handball is intentional. Blocking your face from being hit is NOT an intentional attempt.

12.  Offsides is enforced when a player on the team possessing the ball is clearly behind or past the last defender while the ball is played to that player. Offsides is NOT to be called if that player in the offsides position is not played the ball therefore not involved in a potential goal.


·       There will be a strict adherence to the club policy on fair play and sportsmanship for all players, coaches and parents /fans. Non compliance will result in a warning the second offense will be expulsion from the match for player, coach or parent/fan.



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