House Rules 7 - 9

    7 to 9 division fall and winter house rules


1.      7 v 7 (including goalies)

2.      Duration of Game – Two (25) minute halves with a (5) minute break.

3.      Substitution – at any stoppage of play (unlimited), must sub at midfield

Each Player MUST Play 50% of the Game (this is not negotiable)

4.      Size 4 ball

5.      Player’s Equipment – All players must wear shin guards covered by socks, and have matching jerseys.

·        Cleats are not required but highly recommended due to variable weather in fall. Indoor at Epic is recommended soccer shoes or turf shoes.

6.      Free Kicks - All free kicks are indirect (the ball must complete one revolution). This means that a goal may not be scored until the ball has been touched by a second player from either team.

7.      Throw-in from sideline. Players will be allowed (1) re-throw with instruction.

8.      Goal Kick – No opposing players within 10 yards of the 18 yard box.

9.      Corner Kick – Opposing players should be 5 yards away.

10.  Kick-Offs – Indirect kicks, must be touched by at least 2 players

·       There will be a strict adherence to the club policy on fair play and sportsmanship for all players, coaches and parents /fans. Non compliance will result in a warning the second offense will be expulsion from the match for player, coach or parent/fan.


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