Diamond Council of Columbia, Inc. Online Registration


Diamond Council of Columbia, Inc. Spring 2024 Online Registration

Diamond Council of Columbia, Inc. is a not-for-profit corporation run by volunteers
and is co-sponsored by City of Columbia Parks and Recreation. 

Registration Tips

Please provide as much information as possible, and include both parents information.
It is very important that you provide both work and home email addresses.

Register your child in the division corresponding with the  2023-2024 School year.

This site has an inactivity time out. 
If you go away from your computer for more than a half hour, you will need to start over.  This site works best with Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 or higher. 

To cancel the registration process just close the browser at any time. 
You will need to click "Next" on every step.

The registration will not be saved until payment is completed
and the Finalize Registration button is clicked.

PARTICIPANT WARNING STATEMENT: Parents and participants must recognize that all activities of a physical nature involve some risk and by registering for an activity of this nature there is an assumption of risk by the participant. Diamond Council of Columbia (DCC) is dedicated to providing safe facilities and equipment for all participants. DCC assumes no liability for personal injuries or loss of personal property of these persons participating or attending Columbia Parks and Recreation activities.

In the event of a serious accident or illness, it is the policy of DCC to: 1) contact the Emergency Dispatch (911) to perform first aid and when necessary recommend transport of the victim to a hospital; 2) contact the parent or guardian as soon as the situation allows. Persons desiring a different procedure must notify DCC in writing at the time of registration and notify their coach in writing. By registering, you acknowledge you have read and understand this warning. Those who do not wish to accept the risk described in this warning should not register or participate.

MEMORIES THAT LAST: By registering, you hereby consent to the photographing of your child by Diamond Council of Columbia, Inc. and/or their agents. You hereby consent to the use of these photographs singularly or in conjunction with other photographs or video recordings for Diamond Council marketing purposes without any compensation.

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