Lake Bluff Youth Baseball Association    

        Celebrating over 60 years of serving our community



Lake Bluff Baseball Fields

 Artesian Park fields  (clockwise from upper left corner of the park):  Troyer, Rosenthal, and Weshinskey.

10 East Sheridan Place, Lake Bluff, IL, United States

Lake Bluff Middle School fields (T-Ball)

31 E Sheridan Pl, Lake Bluff, IL 60044

East of LBMS, on the corner of E. Sheridan Pl and Vincent Ct.

 Mawman Park - Quade Field

501 Mawman Avenue, Lake Bluff, IL, United States

West School Park - Southwest, Southeast, and Northwest fields (Pinto)

901 Muir Avenue, Lake Bluff, IL, United States

 West School Parking

Parking is not allowed on Foster or Muir Avenues, which border the park to the north and south. 

There are two parking lots available at West School, the large lot off of Foster Ave. and a smaller lot on Muir Ave. 

If you wish to park in the Foster Ave. lot, you must enter using the western entrance to the lot (see below).

Police will be patrolling the area, so please remember to park only in the designated lots.  

Drop-off Process 

All traffic should enter the Foster Ave parking lot using the western entrance and proceed toward the school/fields.  If you are dropping your child off for an event, please proceed to the designated "Drop-off Zone" next to the baseball backstop.  Lake Bluff Baseball will have traffic cones, signs, and volunteers on site to assist with this new process.

Some other points:

  • Keep street/parking lot intersections clear. 
  • Keep sidewalk and crosswalks clear.
  • Children for drop-off may only exit vehicles once they enter the “Drop-off Zone" designated by signs/ orange cones in the Shield Township parking lot.
  • Once your car enters the “Drop-off Zone", you MUST stay in line. 
  • Only proceed forward in the drop-off area once cars ahead have pulled forward. 
  • Do not pass other cars in line. 
  • If you need to help your child, you must park in a designated space in the parking lot.
  • Children must exit from the driver side of the car and adults must remain in their vehicle.
  • NO ONE should be dropped off on Foster or Muir Ave.

Pick-Up Process

Traffic should follow the same entrance/exit procedures as detailed in the Drop-off Process, above.

As idling cars will create an excessive traffic snarl, we ask that parents park and walk to the fields to collect their children.  Children will not be allowed to walk into the parking areas without adult supervision.