Lake Bluff Youth Baseball Association    

        Celebrating over 60 years of serving our community


House League Mission Statement

Lake Bluff House League Mission

The mission of the Lake Bluff Baseball Program is to teach the integrity of the game of baseball.  The programs of the Lake Bluff Baseball Association focus on developing and improving our players’ baseball skills but even more importantly, developing good sportsmanship and building character for all participants.  We believe the life-lessons learned on the baseball field are critical tools for the development and growth of our children.

Player growth is centered on teaching baseball fundamentals and strategies, learning and playing a variety of fielding positions, and promoting a lifelong love for the game.  The House League programs emphasize overall player growth.  Our goal is to provide each player with the coaching and instruction necessary to properly catch, throw, field, hit, and pitch. Our success is measured in the development of these skills over the course of the season.

The House League is a time for our children to learn, grow, and have fun.  As a volunteer-based community organization, we want to provide opportunity for all to get involved: players, parents, coaches, and umpires.  We welcome your support, and treasure our community ties.