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How do I edit payment plan options?

To do this, you must go to setup->registration->payment groups. From there, you must click edit next to the payment group that you wish to modify. In the next window, you select payment plan editor and it takes you to payment plan editor options. 

You can give the plan a name and decide on the number of payments that you want for it. To have it come up with dates for you, select billing cycle next to payment date method, otherwise select custom dates.

If you choose billing cycle and tell the program to calculate the amounts for you either weekly or monthly and after putting in the date of the first payment and the down payment percentage, the program figures out the rest of the amounts and the dates for you. Selecting custom amounts means you have to enter a percentage for each payment.

If you wish to use the custom payment date method, then you have to manually put in a due date for each payment. Everything else works the same. Once everything is completed, click the save icon at the top.


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