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How do I generate games?

  1. Go to Scheduling/Games => Utilities => Auto Scheduler and select generate games. You will get a screen like the one shown below.generate games
  2. Choose a division (you must generate games one division at a time).
  3. Choose a generator mode:
    1. “Ignore subdivisions” does just that: ignores subdivisions.
    2. “Check subdivisions” will schedule games in such a way that two teams will only play against one another if they are in the same subdivision.
  4. Choose number of games per team.
  5. Choose whether or not you want bye games to be madeup.
  6. You can choose the basic home/away game balance method, fix the final round to be home/away, or use an alternate home/away balance method.
  7. Generate games.
  • If you already have games scheduled here, it will ask if you want to delete the old ones.
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