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How do i create a new league?

Answer: The league creator menu allows admins to add addition leagues to the admin site and adds child leagues under existing leagues.

League Creator: Menu used for adding new leagues to your admin site.

  • Menu Path - Setup -> organization -> league creator.



  • League Name -  is used as a label to display to users and admin on the admin and public sites.
  • League Description - is used to describe when in a form or table.
  • League Title - used for header on forms or tables.
  • League Abbreviation: - used as an alternate label for small screen devices (mobile).
  • League Sport - what sport the league is being created for.
  • League Logo - the main logo used for this league.
  • League Primary Color - then main color for registration.
  • League Secondary Color - highlight color for registration.
  • Use an existing league as the template - will copy data from existing based on advanced options.
  • Make this league a child of the copied league - will turn created league into child making a tiered structure.

Advanced options: when coping an existing league, advanced can be used to pick what data to copy from selected league.

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