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How do I use the new registration setup wizard?

The new registration setup wizard is a step-by-step walkthrough of setting up your registration.  There are 7 steps (6 for adult leagues) to help you create your registration. You can navigate the steps by clicking the "Next" and "Prev" buttons at the bottom of the step, or you can skip arround to different steps by clicking on the step headers. 

Step 1: Basic Registration Look

This page will allow your to choose the color scheme of your registration. Make sure to click "Save Changes" when you are satisfied with your color choices. 


Step 2: Intro Setup

This step will adjust the intro step of your registration.  Here you can adjust the welcome message, link text, and remove certain links. If you wish to use the default text for the links, leave the fields blank. When you are finished click "Save Changes".


Step 3: Welcome Setup

On this step, you can enter information you want your registrants to see when beginning registration.  You can eith select an existing step field from the box on the top left, click on the step field in the preview, or add a new step by selecting "New Field".  The preview will update with the information your select and enter.  To reorder items click and drag them in the left step field box, then click "Save Order".  When you are finished editing the step field be sure to click either "Add Field" or "Save Field" when finished. 


Step 4-5: Player and Parent Setup (Parent only available in youth leagues.)

In this step you can edit all the options for your player and parent steps as well as add or edit parent/player custom fields.  You can add a new field to the page using the custom field editor and edit its options. Make sure to click "Add field" or "Save Field" when finished.  To edit field order, Click and drag the fields then click "Save Order".



Step 6: Custom Page Setup 

On this step, you can edit the custom pages.  To select a page to edit, click on the page in the upper left box.  The page options form will display as well as the page setup window.  You can adjust the page options or add, edit, or remove step fields in the page editor. Make sure to click save for any order or content adjustments.  To re-order the pages, click and drag them to the proper order and click "Save Order".


Step 7: Payment Step Setup

In the final step, you can can setp the fees for you regsitration.  Select a fee group in teh upper left box to see the fee group options and the fee codes.  Select a fee code to see the Fee Code Options, Variables, and Fees.  When you make adjustments be sure to click the corresponding save button. 


When you are done click "Finish" to go back to the dashboard.  Make sure all wanted changes are saved first before hitting finish.



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