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How do I use the rainout tool?

Under scheduling/games->utilities->rainout tool, you can pick a game that you want rescheduled due to a rainout. Once you pick a date, it will show you the scheduled games for that day.

Rainout Tool Screen 1

You select the game you want to reschedule by clicking the check box next to the game, then if you want to change the resource the game is played on you can select a new resource from the dropdown.

Clicking continue will take you to a page where it automatically reschedules the games for you. You can choose from the available timeslots for the resource that you chose. Optionally, you can uncheck the game to unschedule it so it can be manually rescheduled later.

Rainout Tool Screen 2

The system automatically sends out an email and text to all the teams notifying them of the rescheduled game. You can also add a custom message to send to the parents and/or officials. Make sure you click rainout game at the bottom in order to save those changes.

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