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How do I assign a timeslot group to a resource?

1. First navigate to scheduling/games->utilities->auto scheduler and click create timeslots. You can either create timeslots manually or import timeslots from a file.

2. Once that is done, it allows you to select a resource that you want to assign the timeslots to. You can either select an existing resource or add a new one.

3. You have the option of selecting an existing timeslot group or adding a new one. Creating a new resource takes you to a dialog box to enter resource information. 

4. Once you have added or selected an existing resource, a tab opens up where you can add a timeslot group to that resource or add a new one. An existing timeslot group will auto-populate the resource with timeslots.

5. To add new timeslots to the resource, fill out the start and end times and choose the days of the week that you want. Click add timeslot and it will appear in the resource field.

6. After a timeslot has been added to the resource, you can delete it or edit it by clicking the icons directly underneath the times shown.

7. Selecting assign timeslot group will save whatever changes you made.

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