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How do I register players in tryout status?

Navigate to members->players/parents->tryouts and click the "Config Options" link. There is an option here called "Register in Tryout Mode". When it is set to "Yes", players who register for the league will automatically be placed in tryout status.

On this page, you can also set whether or not you want players/parents to receive a confirmation email upon acceptance into the league. In the "Acceptance Email Content" textbox, type in the message that you would like to appear in the acceptance email.

When players register in tryout mode, you have to make them active in order to be able to place them on teams. This can be done on the tryouts page (members->players/parents->tryouts).

 Your divisions will be listed here. Each tab will show the total number of players in each status for that division. Click on a tab to view the players registered in a division. Players that are in tryout status will be listed at the top. You can pick the division you want to place them in from the division drop-down. Use the radio button to select the status you want to place each try-out player in. Save changes when finished. The players will now be listed under either the active players table or the waitlisted/withdrawn players table, depending on the status you chose.

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