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How do I setup player evaluations?

Go to setup->statistics/evaluations->player evaluations.

If you have previously created evaluation groups, they will be listed here. Add evaluation groups by clicking the add button and typing in a name for the group. To change the order of your evaluation groups, select an evaluation group and click edit. Delete will get rid of any groups you don't want. Copy a group to make a duplicate.

If you have created evaluation codes for a group, they will appear by clicking on a group name. To add codes, click the add button in the evaluation code box. To edit a code, click a code's name and then click edit.

Type in a name for you code and give it a code type. Click the type guide link to view explanations as to what each type means. You can choose to include the code on the eval report or on the draft tool. Give it an abbreviation and assign it to an eval group. In the ext. text field you can type in a message or further instructions you would like to be displayed for the question. The order determines where your eval code will be placed among codes in the same group. Click update once you have completed your settings.

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