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How do I add more administrators?

1. Navigate to Members->Players/Parents->Parent Edit. parent edit

2. Enter whatever data you require in order to identify the admin.


Find an already entered parent who you want to give admin access to.

3. Set the access level to 10, 12, or 15. Level 15 will give them access to everything, whereas levels 10 or 12 will require additional steps.

4. Give the admin a password at least 8 characters long, containing letters and numbers, and not including any dictionary words. Be sure to enter it again in the confirm password textbox.

5. Click on the save icon at the top of Parent Edit to save the admin's information. The ID shown in the upper left after the page refresh is the user ID of the admin.

Note: If you assigned an access level of 10 or 12 you will need to assign a menu set to that person, which will allow you to specify which admin pages they are allowed to visit.

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