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What do the options do on the 'Registrants' emailer page?

The Emailer’s “Registrants” page provides many filter options to the user.



 Registered Options



  • Recipients – user can select the various recipients to send to. “Head Coach” refers to people in a team’s “Manager” position. “Assistant Coaches” refers to all other roles on a team.
  • Filter By – these are the main filters for registrants
    • "Leagues" does not show up unless the organization has multiple leagues
    • Note: These are filters, so the more you pick, the more you may filter down the recipients. Generally, less filters can lead to wider searches (i.e. if you want to search most of your registrants accross all seasons, you just need to select the seasons and not the divisions or teams, as that could miss people who are on older teams or deleted divisions).
    • Sports Filter – filter recipients by the sport for which they are registered (Note: this is only available when Sport Filters are enabled on Setup->Organization->League in the "Admin tab").
    • Affiliations – filter players by their affiliation on registration (Note: this is only available when affiliations are set up at Setup->Organization->League in the "Admin tab")
  • Custom Field Query – this is an advanced option that allows the user to build a query based on one or more custom fields and the answers given by registrants.
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