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There is a "coach preference" step of registration that can be turned on. What does this do? Where can I go to view this information once it’s entered by a user?

On the coach preference step of registration, parents can choose whether or not they would like to volunteer to be a coach. You can view a report of coach preferences by navigating to Members->Coaches->Coach Pref Report.

New Layout:

Coach Pref New

Old Layout:

Coach Pref Old

By default, it will show the parent's name, phone number, email address, their child's school, the coaching title that they are volunteering for (Head Coach, Assistant Coach, etc.), the division that they would like to volunteer for, and the name of the child they are volunteering to coach for. In addition, you have the option to filter by level, show only parents who are volunteering to be head coaches, show the parent ID, and show their custom fields and overall average (OA).

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