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How do I create volunteer positions?

Navigate to setup->volunteer->volunteer setup and you will see the screen shown below:

If you already setup positions they will be listed here. Select new position to get the page shown below.

Give the position a name and select which resource you want to assign it to. The start and end date ranges determine when volunteers will be allowed to sign-up for the position. Qty. per shift means that you can place a limit on the number of volunteers who can sign-up for each shift. You can select whether to show the position during regular registration or on the volunteer application. There is also the option to add a link to apply for the position on the volunteer page of your website. Make sure to put a description, as this is what volunteers will see during the registration process or volunteer application.

Once created, you can always go back to edit the position by clicking the edit icon next to the position on the volunteer setup page.

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