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Once I've generated a schedule, can I publish it to the public site?

A full game schedule of the current active season can be viewed using the Schedule system page. Create a new page, and under the page properties menu, choose "schedule" for the system page. This will put the full season schedule into the public site menu.

How to publish a public schedule.

Important: Schedules will only appear if "Show Schedule?" on the "Admin" tab of Setup->Organization->League is set to "Yes" and only when the current date is in between the season's start and end dates.

Example of the schedule system page.


In addition, when logged into the public site, players and parents of players can view their own personal schedule of games, practices, volunteer events that they or their children are scheduled to participate in. When logged in, each player has a submenu labeled “Schedule” in their member menu as long as the options allow it in Setup->Organization->League Options. From here, they can view a game schedule, a practice schedule, a volunteer schedule, and a “master” schedule which contains all of the above in a single calendar.

The schedule pages in the member menu.

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