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How do I use the new edit pages?

The update to the edit pages (registration, parent, player) didn’t change their functionally, only their looks. All the old tables are now placed into menu tabs at the top of the screen.



Sort by: controls how the prev and next buttons sort the profile list when moving between profiles.


Tabbed Navigation: All tables are now put into tabs for quick navigation on any device (Note: on mobile tabs will be in a drop down list box with the profile's name as the label)

Click here for Navigation guide 


Search Box: By clicking on the magnify glass icon a search box will appear, type an id number or name (player edit, parent edit only) to search out a person's profile. Click the magnify glass icon again to close the search box.


 Profiles Buttons:

  • Add- Creates a blank profile. Once the blank profile has been filled out, clicking the save button will create a new profile.
  •  Save- saves all profile information and creates a new profile if a blank profile has been filled out.
  •  Delete- removes current profile from league records


Profile Tables: Holds profile information based on table title. Ex: Player: William Young table holds basic information on player William Young, by clicking on the player's name you will be sent to their profile. Also clicking on the person icon will open up their photo (if they have one).

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