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Oak Hill Invitational - May 25 to 28

The Oak Hill Invitational is our annual All-Star warm-up tournament for teams throughout Austin and the surrounding areas. OHI allow teams to get critical playing time under their belts as they rev up for the competitive tournament season.   Click on the links below for more information.


6U Bracket

8U Bracket

10U Bracket

12U Bracket (updated 5/24 @ 11:30)

How do I pay for my team?

CLICK HERE to pay for your team online!  You may also pay by check made out to OHYSA or with cash. Entry fee must be submitted and proof of insurance presented before first games plays.

OHI Registration, Costs and Overview

Who's Coming?

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Playing Rules

Registration Information

Our next registration session will be for Fall 2018.  It will open sometime after the conclsuion of the current spring season.  Until then, please visit our "New to OHYSA" link:

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Tickets will also be on sale at the concession stand starting March 28th. 

Oak Hill EOS Tournament Champions

Softball 6U - Pink Panthers - HC Laurie Solis

Softball 8U - Aftershock - HC Nolan Mast

Softball 10U - Panthers - HC Kamrin Ortega

Softball 12U/14U - Bat Attitudes - HC Dan Dankert

Baseball 6U - Braves - HC Eric Stober

Baseball 8U - Upper - Reds - HC Tony Manti

Baseball 8U - Lower - Indians - HC Jeff Jeffries

Baseball 14U - Cardinals - HC Paul Kennedy

All Star Selections

Softball 8U - HC Mast

S. Baucher, T. Beacom, A. Billick, M. Gowing, E. Hidalgo, T. Mast, B. McCreless, E. Mendoza, S. Peyton, L. Rosas, M. Rubinshteyn

Softball 8U - HC Russel

E. Brugueras, J. Gipson, A. Gordon, T. Green, S. Haywood, J. Hoffman, A. Lee, A. Martinez, K. Nance, A. Payne, C. Peters, J. Ray 

Softball 10U - HC Ortega

H. Ortega, S. Moyer, C. Estes, K. Bookidis, A. Gilbey, R. McKinney, T. Dickson, M. Fairchild, S. Sepulveda, H. Fredrickson, S. Mazziotti, E. Anderson

Softball 12U - HC Churchill

C. Castilleja, G. Churchill, M. Espada, L. Grant, L. Gronquist, A. Martinez, L. Muniz, M. Rodriguez, E. Sepulveda, I. Soto

Baseball 8U Green - HC Leese 

C.Leese, T.Engledow, J.Bremer, S.Branyon, K.Loo, M.Manti, G.Billodeau, I.Lopez, H.Clark, W.Sparks, C.Findeisen, E.Warren

Baseball 8U Gold - HC Martanovic

H.Anweiler, O.Paxton, J.Bramble, D.Tello, C.Webber, W.Wilkinson, C.Martanovic, S.Mcleroy, B.Taylor, S.Batshon, J.Gheen, J.Sosa

Baseball 8U White - HC Reid

L.Winne, H.Jacobs, B.Rogers, B.Anthony, A.Stober, A.Crawley, C.Reid, J.Morgan, J.Burggraaf, H.Mitchell, F.Griffin, P.Roberts

Baseball 8U Black - HC Wood

H.Shinault R.Kuglitsch, T.Clark, N.Bruner, O.Soto, N.Kinsella, C.Perkins, C.Nolan, O.Stoker, L.Wood, J.Davey, E.Navarro

Baseball 8U Grey - HC Nava

B.Kelley, M.House, Z.Everette, L.Womack, P.Del Riego, I.Nava, B.Sumpter, C.Parrott, E.Bullock, G.Marks, B.Castillo

Baseball 14U Green - HC Kennedy

N.Alvarez, M.Del, B.James, E.Keaton, N.Kennedy, E.Kerley, B.Mallet, M.McGowan, F.Santangelo, J.Sylliaasen, L.Sylliaasen, A.Tijerina

Baseball 14U Gold - HC Stevens

J.Cole, C.Kilsby, J.Lengner, E.Nava, M.O’Leary, S.Olivas, E.Overstreet, A.Sauceda, D.Soto, S.Stevens, J.Vela, B.Zapata

Baseball 14U White - HC Neary

R.Adams, D.Bremer, N.Foley, P.Galletti, A.Gonzales, C.Holder, T.Miller, I.Neary, M.Nicchio, E.Platt, D.Stoddard, I.Walter

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