PYSA Fall Invitational Tournament : soccer Team Registration


PYSA Fall Invitational Tournament Online Registration

Peabody Youth Soccer Association (PYSA) is hosting its 29th Annual Columbus Day Invitational Tournament on October 12, 13, and 14, 2019.

This tournament will have the format of five vs five (5 vs. 5) for Grade 1/2, seven vs. seven (7 vs. 7) for Grade 3/4, nine vs. nine (9 vs. 9) for Grade 5/6, and eleven vs. eleven (11 vs.11) for Grade 7/8.
This is a 'PATCH' tournament.

   Grade 1/2 $350 per Team
   Grade 3/4 $350 per Team
   Grade 5/6 $400 per Team
   Grade 7/8 $400 per Team

The payment is due in full with this registration.

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