Umpires Wanted for the Spring 2018 Season
If your child turns 11 before May 1, 2018 he is eligible to join the Scripps Ranch Little League Umpire Program.  We are looking for both experienced and non-experienced umpires.   We will hold training a few weeks before the season starts and this year we would like to offer continual training throughout the year.  Please register by clicking on the link below.
Umpiring Clinics for the Spring Season
The umpiring clinics will be held in late January and early February.  Detailed information will be sent directly to registered umpires when available.

Scripps Ranch Little League Umpiring
Scripps Ranch Little League offers one of the best youth umpire programs in Little League. If you're not already involved, we invite you to become a part of it. The program provides umpiring opportunities each year to school age youth during both the regular Little League season (March-June) and Fall Ball season (September–November). SRLL youth umpires get to develop a sense of responsibility, learn the rules of baseball, and earn money. The purpose of this page is to provide you with information about the program, including instructions on how to participate.

Who is Eligible to Umpire for SRLL
You must be league age 11 or older (for the spring 2016 season you need to be 11 years old on May 1, 2018)
You must live within Scripps Ranch (92131 zip code)
You need to be willing and able to develop the following personal attributes:
  • Ability to handle responsibility (being reliable, on time, and prepared)
  • Maintain a high level of concentration and focus for extended periods of time
  • Willingness to learn the rules of Little League baseball, and the skills to apply and enforce these rules as an umpire

Carry yourself in a manner that reflects positively on the SRLL Youth Umpire Program (confident, assertive, respectful, and respectable)

Generally, an effort will be made to distribute game assignments equally amongst the umpires; however, we will also try to accommodate known conflicts and preferences. Once schedules are established, umpires are responsible for fulfilling their assignments.  

A Note on Communications
We have the capability to send mass mailings which greatly simplifies things but may result in some of the communications ending up in your spam folder.

Please add to your contacts list or address book to ensure that my messages get through.

Advancement and Compensation
Generally, umpires are assigned to games within their Advancement Category. There may be exceptions to this rule, and some umpires may be assigned to the same division for multiple years. For the upcoming season, the categories are as follows:

Category Requirements Per Game Pay
MAPS First time umpires/League Age 11 $10.00
Lower Minors (A, AA) Last season’s MAPs and A umpires $15.00
Upper Minors (AAA) Last season’s AA umpires $20.00
Intermediate Last season’s AAA and Intermediate umpires $20.00
Intermediate Home Plate Last season’s AAA and Intermediate umpires $30.00
Umpire Mentors *Selected umpires $20.00

 *We will select one or more umpires with appropriate experience, past attendance at District 32 advanced rules clinics, and demonstrated leadership qualities to serve in the Mentor capacity.