District 32 Tournament of Champions

The TOC is a fun tournament for the teams and their families. SRLL will send 2 teams to the District 32 TOC Tournaments.

  • Intermediate Division TBD
  • Upper Minors Division TBD

- The Minors tournament is from June 10-20 and will be played here at Scripps Ranch.
- The Intermediate tournament is from June 1-6 and is being played at various locations.
- Minor and Intermediate Divisions will use regular season rules. 
- The teams wear their regular season uniforms.

Information about the TOC tournament can be found on the District 32 Home page.

Tournament of Champions Results

Game schedules and results can be found on the District 32 web site.

District 32 All Star Tournaments

 SRLL will send All Star teams to five District 32 All Star Tournaments:

  • American League Intermediate (12-13 year olds) from 6/10 - 6/21
  • American League 8-10 Year Olds from 6/24 - 7/5
  • American League 9-11 Year Olds from 6/24 - 7/5
  • American League 10-12 Year Olds from 6/24 - 7/5

Should any of these teams win their bracket at District All Stars, they will advance on to Sectional All Stars from 7/8 to 7/16.

The SRLL Board of Directors congratulates the All Star Players, Managers and Coaches!

All Star Tournament Results

Results and updated brackets for the All Star tournaments can be found on the District 32 web site. Results for Scripps Ranch teams can be found by clicking on All Star Results on the Post Season drop-down menu.