Sponsoring SRLL

Scripps Ranch Little League depends on sponsorships and donations.   

Our registration fee covers most of the “basics” we need--- things such as uniforms, chalk, insurance, and umpire fees, but registration doesn’t pay for much beyond this. Simply put, registration won’t pay for many, if any, of the things we need to make playing safer such as updated equipment and well maintained fields. Registration also doesn’t pay for the things we need to make playing “better” like scoreboards, clinics, and batting cages. We need your sponsorship or donations to pay for these extras.  Please help us. Since we are a non-profit organization, your donation is tax-deductible.

Two types of sponsorship are available and each type has multiple levels.   

  • Click on the League Sponsorship link to view complete details about league-wide sponsorships supporting all of the Scripps Ranch Little League community.
  • Or, to sponsor an individual team, click on the Team Sponsorship link.