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How do I send mass emails?

Answer: Sending emails to various members in your organization is handled through the Emailer. This menu allows users to choose a list of recipients based on various parameters and draft an email with attachments and various design options.


  • Menu Path – Communication -> E-Mail -> Emailer



 Emailer Search Screen


  • Registrants – This is the main category used by most users. This will query for registration records and can find recipients related to those registrations.
    • Registered – finds people who have registered. To learn more about these options, read the FAQ post "What do the options do on the 'Registrants' emailer page?".
    • Not Registered – finds people in the seasons selected by the user who have not registered in the season marked in the season dropdown at the top of the screen.
    • Not Paid – finds people who have registered in the season marked by the season dropdown at the top of the screen and owe money in that season.
    • New Players - finds players who are not marked as 'returning' in the current season.
  • Missing Docs – finds people who are missing either their Birth Certificate or their Proof of residency (Note: option only appears if the league is set to collect one of those documents).
  • Volunteers – This category allows the user to email their various volunteers in the system.
    • Volunteer Preferences -  finds volunteers based on the positions selected.
    • Volunteers Scheduled – uses positions and a date range to find volunteers scheduled in a certain time period.
    • Team Volunteer – similar to “Volunteers Scheduled”, but looks for team-based volunteering. Can email parents and/or coaches.
  • Parents/Players – This category allows the user to enter player/parent ID and search for people in that list. (Note: the category will be “Parents for child leagues and “Players” for adult leagues).
  • Parens W/O Passwords - This category will send an email to any parent that has not yet set a password.
  • Email List – This category allows a user to upload a file for a list of emails as recipients.
  • Officials – This category allows the user to email all of their officials in the season set at the top of the page.
  • Missing Player Records – This category sends emails to registrants whose age is missing form their registration record.

 For more information on the Emailer's "Draft" page, read the FAQ What are the options on the 'Draft' page of the emailer?

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