Softball League Communications

Softball League Communications Made Easy

Communicate with Your Softball League Using our Automated Emailer and Rainout Tools. 

Selected Board Members can send emails by team, level or to the entire League, including official's schedules. 

With communicating with your Softball League doesn't take a web expert. 

We provide Softball League management and communication by allowing authorized users to email the entire league, an individual level or team, players from previous years, unpaid registrants, or players who answered certain custom fields during the registration process.

The automated emailer will also send nightly schedule reminder emails to umpires, concession workers, and volunteers within your Softball League.

We provide your Softball league with a management and communication tool that allows the league scheduler to edit the schedule manually or use the RainOut Tool to automatically and instantly email all players and parents affected by a schedule change. The tool also changes the game time and date in your Softball League's database so that it automatically updates the schedule on the parent site.


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