Sports League Management Software & Schedule Maker

Informative and Time Saving Modules

Customize the Look and Functionality of your Website

Events & Clinics modules allow signup for one time events including Coaching Clinics, Batting Cages, and special events.

Players, Parents, Teams, Coaches, Administrators, Commissioners, Referees and Volunteers


Adding an MYL Module is as easy as 1-2-3:

1. Select the MYL Module icon from the top menu.
2. Drag the icon to where you want the module to appear on the page.
3. Select the module you want to add.

Available MYL Modules:

    • Calendar
    • Division
    • Scoreboard
    • Scheduling
    • Standing
    • Sponsors
    • Registration
    • Messages
    • Weather

MYL Modules at work.

This example shows the Division, Calendar, Schedule, Standings and Messages modules.

As the Division module changes from one division to another, the Schedule and Standing modules will change to match the Division.

The Messages module will rotate through whatever messages are entered.