Manage Your Multi-Sport, Multi-League, or Tiered Organizations

Sports League Management Software & Schedule Maker

League Management Software for Multiple Leagues and Tiered Organizations

The most configurable league management software for organizations with multiple sports, leagues or tiered

Sports league management software for multiple sport Leagues and tiered organizations or associations in ONE centralized database and administration portal. allows registration for multiple seasons, leagues, clubs or sports at one time, in one process or each separately while maintaining one database for all of your players, parents, coaches, and volunteers.   

Managers can configure our sports league management software for teams, players, free agents, groups, or any combination of the three.  They can set a waiting list for additional registrants, and enforce capacity rules to make sure you have exactly the right number of players and teams.


Multiple Sports Registration Software
You get one of the most comprehensive league registration software tools so you can setup your registration the way you want.

Sports Schedule Maker
Our sports schedule generator will automatically create practice and game schedule and does double schedule conflict detection across multiple leagues so you can share sports resources between your separate sports, leagues, and clubs.

Sports Scheduling Software
Your managers can automatically or manually edit your game, practice or tournament schedules with our sports schedule maker. Then they can use our graphic scheduler to view and edit the schedules. Our rain out tool allows your administrators to cancel or reschedule game which sends an email or text message to the players, parents, coaches, referees or umpires.