AYB Playoff Rules

Playoff Rules

Amherst Youth Basketball

*. Only One Coach per team is permitted to stand on the sidelines.

*. Know the rules of your division.  Discuss the division rules with the officials prior to the game.

*. Know the clock rules and make sure that the person handling the clock knows the rules and that you have provided that person with a copy of the Clock laminate.

*. Scorebook must be kept at the score table.  Any book not kept at the table is not an official book.

1. Substitution Lists: Coaches must fill out and exchange substitution lists before the start of the game and must utilize the list during the game.  Know how to use your Substition list without relying on a supplied column.  That is, know how to use it when players show up late or depart early!!! (Hint: the helpful columns provided on the form can no longer be used!!)

2. Fouling Out: If a player fouls out of a game, leaving a team with fewer than 5 players (4 players in B3 and G34), the game may continue if the referee believes the game can be competitive.  Otherwise, the game ends with a victory credited to the opposing team.  Under no circumstances, may a player who fouls out during playoffs remain in a game.

3. Overtime Rules: In the case of a playoff game ending in a tie, the following apply.

  1. There will be a 2-minute overtime, which starts with a jump ball.
  2. Each team will have 1 timeout during the overtime (timeouts do not carry over).
  3. Selecting Players for Overtime
    1. If a team has fewer than 5 players available (4 players in the case of B3 and G56), then see #2 above.  Otherwise,
    2. Each coach chooses 5 players (4 players in the case of B3 or G34) from their team to participate in the overtime.
  4. No substitutions are permitted during an overtime period.
  5. If a player fouls out during an overtime period, the coach chooses the replacement player, if any are available.  If no additional players are available, then see rule #2 above.
  6. The clock stops as it does during the last 2 minutes of a regular-season game.
  7. Team fouls continue to accumulate.
  8. If an overtime period ends in a tie, go to 3a. Overtime periods will continue until there is a winner.
  9. Defense (reminder): The same rules apply to playing defense in an overtime period as they do to the final 2-minutes of a regular season (or playoff) game.