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DC - 5U T-Ball

DoWDateTimeLocationHome TeamAway TeamSubdivisionScore
WednesdaySep 5, 20185:45PMAntimi Silver TballColumbia Cosmo Luncheon ClubVeterans United
WednesdaySep 5, 20185:45PMAntimi Orange TballKnight's of ColumbusSecuritas
WednesdaySep 5, 20186:00PMAntimi GoldLegend's PhotographyPlaza Commercial
MondaySep 10, 20185:45PMAntimi Orange TballPlaza CommercialVeterans United
MondaySep 10, 20185:45PMAntimi Silver TballSecuritasColumbia Cosmo Luncheon Club
MondaySep 10, 20186:00PMAntimi GoldLegend's PhotographyKnight's of Columbus
WednesdaySep 12, 20185:45PMAntimi Orange TballSecuritasLegend's Photography
WednesdaySep 12, 20185:45PMAntimi Silver TballColumbia Cosmo Luncheon ClubPlaza Commercial
WednesdaySep 12, 20186:00PMAntimi GoldVeterans UnitedKnight's of Columbus
MondaySep 17, 20185:45PMAntimi Silver TballLegend's PhotographyColumbia Cosmo Luncheon Club
MondaySep 17, 20185:45PMAntimi Orange TballKnight's of ColumbusPlaza Commercial
MondaySep 17, 20186:00PMAntimi GoldVeterans UnitedSecuritas
WednesdaySep 19, 20185:45PMAntimi Silver TballKnight's of ColumbusColumbia Cosmo Luncheon Club
WednesdaySep 19, 20185:45PMAntimi Orange TballVeterans UnitedLegend's Photography
WednesdaySep 19, 20186:00PMAntimi GoldPlaza CommercialSecuritas
MondaySep 24, 20185:45PMAntimi Orange TballSecuritasKnight's of Columbus
MondaySep 24, 20185:45PMAntimi Silver TballVeterans UnitedColumbia Cosmo Luncheon Club
MondaySep 24, 20186:00PMAntimi GoldPlaza CommercialLegend's Photography

DC - 6U Coed

DoWDateTimeLocationHome TeamAway TeamSubdivisionScore
TuesdaySep 4, 20185:45PMAntimi Silver TballVeteran's UnitedCritter Control
TuesdaySep 4, 20185:45PMAntimi Orange TballThe NeighborhoodsTiger PlaceD Sport
TuesdaySep 4, 20187:00PMAntimi Orange TballPlaza Commerical RealtyDowntown Optimist
TuesdaySep 11, 20185:45PMAntimi Silver TballVeteran's UnitedDowntown Optimist
TuesdaySep 11, 20185:45PMAntimi Orange TballD SportPlaza Commerical Realty
TuesdaySep 11, 20186:00PMAntimi GoldCritter ControlThe NeighborhoodsTiger Place
ThursdaySep 13, 20185:45PMAntimi Silver TballPlaza Commerical RealtyVeteran's United
ThursdaySep 13, 20185:45PMAntimi Orange TballThe NeighborhoodsTiger PlaceDowntown Optimist
ThursdaySep 13, 20186:00PMAntimi GoldCritter ControlD Sport
TuesdaySep 18, 20185:45PMAntimi Silver TballVeteran's UnitedThe NeighborhoodsTiger Place
TuesdaySep 18, 20185:45PMAntimi Orange TballCritter ControlPlaza Commerical Realty
TuesdaySep 18, 20186:00PMAntimi GoldDowntown OptimistD Sport
ThursdaySep 20, 20185:45PMAntimi Silver TballCritter ControlVeteran's United
ThursdaySep 20, 20185:45PMAntimi Orange TballD SportThe NeighborhoodsTiger Place
ThursdaySep 20, 20186:00PMAntimi GoldDowntown OptimistPlaza Commerical Realty
TuesdaySep 25, 20185:45PMAntimi Orange TballDowntown OptimistCritter Control
TuesdaySep 25, 20185:45PMAntimi Silver TballVeteran's UnitedD Sport
TuesdaySep 25, 20186:00PMAntimi GoldThe NeighborhoodsTiger PlacePlaza Commerical Realty
ThursdaySep 27, 20185:45PMAntimi Orange TballPlaza Commerical RealtyD Sport
ThursdaySep 27, 20185:45PMAntimi Silver TballDowntown OptimistVeteran's United
ThursdaySep 27, 20186:00PMAntimi GoldThe NeighborhoodsTiger PlaceCritter Control
ThursdayOct 4, 20185:45PMAntimi Silver TballD SportVeteran's United
ThursdayOct 4, 20185:45PMAntimi Orange TballDowntown OptimistCritter Control
ThursdayOct 4, 20186:00PMAntimi GoldPlaza Commerical RealtyThe NeighborhoodsTiger Place

DC - 8U Girls (1st/2nd)

DoWDateTimeLocationHome TeamAway TeamSubdivisionScore
FridaySep 7, 20186:00PMAntimi GreenAmerican LegionPlaza Commercial
FridaySep 7, 20187:30PMAntimi GreenDowntown OptimistFundamentals Sports
MondaySep 10, 20186:00PMAntimi GreenDowntown OptimistPlaza Commercial
MondaySep 10, 20187:30PMAntimi GreenFundamentals SportsAmerican Legion
FridaySep 14, 20186:00PMAntimi GreenDowntown OptimistAmerican Legion
FridaySep 14, 20187:30PMAntimi GreenFundamentals SportsPlaza Commercial
MondaySep 17, 20186:00PMAntimi GreenDowntown OptimistFundamentals Sports
MondaySep 17, 20187:30PMAntimi GreenPlaza CommercialAmerican Legion
FridaySep 21, 20186:00PMAntimi GreenFundamentals SportsAmerican Legion
FridaySep 21, 20187:30PMAntimi GreenPlaza CommercialDowntown Optimist
MondaySep 24, 20186:00PMAntimi GreenFundamentals SportsPlaza Commercial
MondaySep 24, 20187:30PMAntimi GreenAmerican LegionDowntown Optimist
FridaySep 28, 20186:00PMAntimi GreenPlaza CommercialAmerican Legion
FridaySep 28, 20187:30PMAntimi GreenDowntown OptimistFundamentals Sports
MondayOct 1, 20186:00PMAntimi GreenPlaza CommercialDowntown Optimist
MondayOct 1, 20187:30PMAntimi GreenAmerican LegionFundamentals Sports
MondayOct 8, 20186:00PMAntimi GreenAmerican LegionPlaza Commercial
MondayOct 8, 20187:30PMAntimi GreenDowntown OptimistFundamentals Sports

DC - 8U Boys (1st/2nd)

DoWDateTimeLocationHome TeamAway TeamSubdivisionScore
TuesdaySep 4, 20186:00PMAntimi PurpleBallenger PropaneDick's Sporting Goods
TuesdaySep 4, 20187:30PMAntimi PurpleColumbia Credit
MondaySep 10, 20186:00PMAntimi PurpleAmerican
MondaySep 10, 20187:30PMAntimi PurpleDick's Sporting GoodsColumbia Credit Union
TuesdaySep 11, 20186:00PMAntimi PurpleBallenger
TuesdaySep 11, 20187:30PMAntimi PurpleColumbia Credit UnionAmerican Legion
ThursdaySep 13, 20186:00PMAntimi PurpleAmerican LegionBallenger Propane
ThursdaySep 13, 20187:30PMAntimi PurpleReversemortgage.comDick's Sporting Goods
MondaySep 17, 20186:00PMAntimi PurpleReversemortgage.comColumbia Credit Union
MondaySep 17, 20187:30PMAntimi PurpleDick's Sporting GoodsBallenger Propane
TuesdaySep 18, 20186:00PMAntimi PurpleBallenger PropaneColumbia Credit Union
ThursdaySep 20, 20186:00PMAntimi PurpleDick's Sporting GoodsAmerican Legion
FridaySep 21, 20187:30PMAntimi PurpleAmerican
MondaySep 24, 20186:00PMAntimi PurpleAmerican LegionColumbia Credit Union
MondaySep 24, 20187:30PMAntimi PurpleBallenger
TuesdaySep 25, 20186:00PMAntimi PurpleBallenger PropaneAmerican Legion
ThursdaySep 27, 20186:00PMAntimi PurpleColumbia Credit UnionDick's Sporting Goods
FridaySep 28, 20187:30PMAntimi PurpleDick's Sporting
MondayOct 1, 20186:00PMAntimi PurpleAmerican LegionBallenger Propane
MondayOct 1, 20187:30PMAntimi PurpleReversemortgage.comDick's Sporting Goods
TuesdayOct 2, 20186:00PMAntimi PurpleColumbia Credit UnionBallenger Propane
TuesdayOct 2, 20187:30PMAntimi PurpleDick's Sporting GoodsAmerican Legion

DC - 10U Girls (3rd/4th)

DoWDateTimeLocationHome TeamAway TeamSubdivisionScore
TuesdaySep 4, 20186:00PMAntimi GreenD SportSlumberland Furniture
TuesdaySep 4, 20187:30PMAntimi GreenMilitary UnitedEnnis Appliance Center
FridaySep 7, 20186:00PMAntimi PurpleAcademy SportsD Sport0-0
TuesdaySep 11, 20186:00PMAntimi GreenAcademy SportsMilitary United4-5
TuesdaySep 11, 20187:30PMAntimi GreenD SportEnnis Appliance Center
ThursdaySep 13, 20186:00PMAntimi GreenSlumberland FurnitureMilitary United
ThursdaySep 13, 20187:30PMAntimi GreenEnnis Appliance Center Academy Sports5-16
FridaySep 14, 20186:00PMAntimi RedSlumberland FurnitureD Sport
TuesdaySep 18, 20186:00PMAntimi GreenAcademy SportsD Sport8-7
TuesdaySep 18, 20187:30PMAntimi GreenMilitary UnitedSlumberland Furniture
ThursdaySep 20, 20186:00PMAntimi GreenMilitary UnitedEnnis Appliance Center
ThursdaySep 20, 20187:30PMAntimi GreenSlumberland FurnitureAcademy Sports
FridaySep 21, 20186:00PMAntimi PurpleEnnis Appliance Center D Sport
TuesdaySep 25, 20186:00PMAntimi GreenAcademy SportsSlumberland Furniture
TuesdaySep 25, 20187:30PMAntimi GreenD SportEnnis Appliance Center
ThursdaySep 27, 20186:00PMAntimi GreenEnnis Appliance Center Slumberland Furniture
ThursdaySep 27, 20187:30PMAntimi GreenMilitary UnitedAcademy Sports
FridaySep 28, 20186:00PMAntimi PurpleD SportMilitary United
TuesdayOct 2, 20186:00PMAntimi GreenSlumberland FurnitureMilitary United
TuesdayOct 2, 20187:30PMAntimi GreenD SportAcademy Sports
ThursdayOct 4, 20186:00PMAntimi GreenEnnis Appliance Center Military United
ThursdayOct 4, 20187:30PMAntimi GreenSlumberland FurnitureAcademy Sports
FridayOct 5, 20186:00PMAntimi PurpleEnnis Appliance Center D Sport
MondayOct 8, 20186:00PMAntimi PurpleAcademy SportsD Sport
TuesdayOct 9, 20186:00PMAntimi GreenEnnis Appliance Center Slumberland Furniture
WednesdayOct 10, 20187:30PMAntimi GreenAcademy SportsMilitary United

DC - 14U Girls (7th/8th)

DoWDateTimeLocationHome TeamAway TeamSubdivisionScore
WednesdaySep 5, 20186:00PMAntimi BlackCyclonesAcademy Sports
WednesdaySep 5, 20187:30PMAntimi BlackCyclonesCritter Control
WednesdaySep 12, 20186:00PMAntimi BlackCyclonesCritter Control
WednesdaySep 12, 20187:30PMAntimi BlackCyclonesAcademy Sports
ThursdaySep 13, 20186:00PMAntimi BlackAcademy SportsCritter Control
WednesdaySep 19, 20186:00PMAntimi BlackCyclonesAcademy Sports
WednesdaySep 19, 20187:30PMAntimi BlackCyclonesCritter Control
ThursdaySep 20, 20186:00PMAntimi BlackCritter ControlAcademy Sports
WednesdaySep 26, 20186:00PMAntimi BlackCyclonesCritter Control
WednesdaySep 26, 20187:30PMAntimi BlackCyclonesAcademy Sports
ThursdaySep 27, 20186:00PMAntimi BlackAcademy SportsCritter Control
WednesdayOct 3, 20186:00PMAntimi BlackCyclonesAcademy Sports
WednesdayOct 3, 20187:30PMAntimi BlackCyclonesCritter Control
ThursdayOct 4, 20186:00PMAntimi BlackCritter ControlAcademy Sports
WednesdayOct 10, 20186:00PMAntimi BlackAcademy SportsCritter Control

DC - 10U Boys (3rd/4th)

DoWDateTimeLocationHome TeamAway TeamSubdivisionScore
TuesdaySep 4, 20186:00PMLegion Blue (W)Dick's Sporting GoodsVessell Bridges and Murphy
TuesdaySep 4, 20186:00PMOakland Blue-WestDive BarTracy Arey Real Estate
TuesdaySep 4, 20187:30PMOakland Blue-WestFlow's PharmacyMBM Custom Homes
TuesdaySep 4, 20187:45PMLegion Blue (W)Rho's Engine RoomRed Weir
ThursdaySep 6, 20186:00PMOakland Blue-WestRho's Engine RoomFlow's Pharmacy
ThursdaySep 6, 20186:00PMLegion Blue (W)MBM Custom HomesDive Bar
ThursdaySep 6, 20187:30PMOakland Blue-WestRed WeirVessell Bridges and Murphy
ThursdaySep 6, 20187:45PMLegion Blue (W)Tracy Arey Real EstateDick's Sporting Goods5-2
TuesdaySep 11, 20186:00PMLegion Blue (W)Dick's Sporting GoodsRed Weir7-0
TuesdaySep 11, 20186:00PMLegion Gold (E)Tracy Arey Real EstateMBM Custom Homes
TuesdaySep 11, 20187:30PMLegion Gold (E)Dive BarRho's Engine Room
TuesdaySep 11, 20187:45PMLegion Blue (W)Vessell Bridges and MurphyFlow's Pharmacy
ThursdaySep 13, 20186:00PMLegion Blue (W)Rho's Engine RoomTracy Arey Real Estate
ThursdaySep 13, 20186:00PMLegion Gold (E)Vessell Bridges and MurphyDive Bar
ThursdaySep 13, 20187:30PMLegion Gold (E)Red WeirFlow's Pharmacy
ThursdaySep 13, 20187:45PMLegion Blue (W)MBM Custom HomesDick's Sporting Goods0-13
TuesdaySep 18, 20186:00PMLegion Blue (W)Dick's Sporting GoodsFlow's Pharmacy15-0
TuesdaySep 18, 20186:00PMLegion Gold (E)MBM Custom HomesRho's Engine Room
TuesdaySep 18, 20187:30PMLegion Gold (E)Tracy Arey Real EstateVessell Bridges and Murphy
TuesdaySep 18, 20187:45PMLegion Blue (W)Red WeirDive Bar
ThursdaySep 20, 20186:00PMLegion Blue (W)Vessell Bridges and MurphyMBM Custom Homes
ThursdaySep 20, 20186:00PMLegion Gold (E)Tracy Arey Real EstateRed Weir
ThursdaySep 20, 20187:30PMLegion Gold (E)Dive BarFlow's Pharmacy
ThursdaySep 20, 20187:45PMLegion Blue (W)Rho's Engine RoomDick's Sporting Goods4-8
TuesdaySep 25, 20186:00PMLegion Blue (W)Dick's Sporting GoodsDive Bar
TuesdaySep 25, 20186:00PMLegion Gold (E)Rho's Engine RoomVessell Bridges and Murphy
TuesdaySep 25, 20187:30PMLegion Gold (E)MBM Custom HomesRed Weir
TuesdaySep 25, 20187:45PMLegion Blue (W)Flow's PharmacyTracy Arey Real Estate
ThursdaySep 27, 20186:00PMLegion Blue (W)Red WeirRho's Engine Room
ThursdaySep 27, 20186:00PMLegion Gold (E)Flow's PharmacyMBM Custom Homes
ThursdaySep 27, 20187:30PMLegion Gold (E)Dive BarTracy Arey Real Estate
ThursdaySep 27, 20187:45PMLegion Blue (W)Vessell Bridges and MurphyDick's Sporting Goods
TuesdayOct 2, 20186:00PMLegion Blue (W)Dick's Sporting GoodsTracy Arey Real Estate
TuesdayOct 2, 20186:00PMOakland Blue-WestVessell Bridges and MurphyRed Weir
TuesdayOct 2, 20187:30PMOakland Blue-WestRho's Engine RoomFlow's Pharmacy
TuesdayOct 2, 20187:45PMLegion Blue (W)Dive BarMBM Custom Homes
ThursdayOct 4, 20186:00PMLegion Blue (W)Flow's PharmacyVessell Bridges and Murphy
ThursdayOct 4, 20186:00PMLegion Gold (E)Rho's Engine RoomDive Bar
ThursdayOct 4, 20187:30PMLegion Gold (E)MBM Custom HomesTracy Arey Real Estate
ThursdayOct 4, 20187:45PMLegion Blue (W)Red WeirDick's Sporting Goods

DC - 12U Boys (5th/6th)

DoWDateTimeLocationHome TeamAway TeamSubdivisionScore
WednesdaySep 5, 20186:00PMLegion Blue (W)Dairy QueenPW Architects15-5
WednesdaySep 5, 20187:45PMLegion Blue (W)G&D PizzariaParisi Speed School
MondaySep 10, 20186:00PMLegion Blue (W)PW ArchitectsG&D Pizzaria
MondaySep 10, 20187:45PMLegion Blue (W)Parisi Speed SchoolDairy Queen6-11
WednesdaySep 12, 20186:00PMLegion Blue (W)Dairy QueenG&D Pizzaria
WednesdaySep 12, 20187:45PMLegion Blue (W)Parisi Speed SchoolPW Architects
MondaySep 17, 20186:00PMLegion Blue (W)G&D PizzariaParisi Speed School
MondaySep 17, 20187:45PMLegion Blue (W)PW ArchitectsDairy Queen
WednesdaySep 19, 20186:00PMLegion Blue (W)Dairy QueenParisi Speed School
WednesdaySep 19, 20187:45PMLegion Blue (W)PW ArchitectsG&D Pizzaria
MondaySep 24, 20186:00PMLegion Blue (W)Parisi Speed SchoolPW Architects
MondaySep 24, 20187:45PMLegion Blue (W)G&D PizzariaDairy Queen
WednesdaySep 26, 20186:00PMLegion Blue (W)Dairy QueenPW Architects
WednesdaySep 26, 20187:45PMLegion Blue (W)G&D PizzariaParisi Speed School
MondayOct 1, 20186:00PMLegion Blue (W)PW ArchitectsG&D Pizzaria
MondayOct 1, 20187:45PMLegion Blue (W)Parisi Speed SchoolDairy Queen
WednesdayOct 3, 20186:00PMLegion Blue (W)Dairy QueenG&D Pizzaria
WednesdayOct 3, 20187:45PMLegion Blue (W)Parisi Speed SchoolPW Architects
MondayOct 8, 20186:00PMLegion Blue (W)G&D PizzariaParisi Speed School
MondayOct 8, 20187:45PMLegion Blue (W)PW ArchitectsDairy Queen

DC - 10U B Comp Girls

DoWDateTimeLocationHome TeamAway TeamSubdivisionScore
TuesdayAug 28, 20186:00PMAntimi BlackEdge- BoonvilleMissouri Stealth 08
TuesdayAug 28, 20186:00PMAntimi RedGalaxy 08 ReganGalaxy March
TuesdayAug 28, 20186:00PMAntimi BlueHavocGalaxy 09 Hagler
TuesdayAug 28, 20187:30PMAntimi BlackEdge- BoonvilleRockers-Jameson
TuesdayAug 28, 20187:30PMAntimi RedGalaxy 08 ReganHavoc
TuesdayAug 28, 20187:30PMAntimi BlueGalaxy MarchMissouri Stealth 08
TuesdaySep 4, 20186:00PMAntimi BlueGalaxy MarchRockers-Jameson
TuesdaySep 4, 20186:00PMAntimi RedHavocEdge- Boonville
TuesdaySep 4, 20186:00PMAntimi BlackGalaxy 09 HaglerGalaxy 08 Regan
TuesdaySep 4, 20187:30PMAntimi BlueRockers-JamesonGalaxy 09 Hagler
TuesdaySep 4, 20187:30PMAntimi RedMissouri Stealth 08Havoc
TuesdaySep 4, 20187:30PMAntimi BlackEdge- BoonvilleGalaxy March
TuesdaySep 11, 20186:00PMAntimi RedRockers-JamesonGalaxy 08 Regan
TuesdaySep 11, 20186:00PMAntimi BlueGalaxy MarchHavoc
TuesdaySep 11, 20186:00PMAntimi BlackGalaxy 09 HaglerMissouri Stealth 08
TuesdaySep 11, 20187:30PMAntimi RedHavocRockers-Jameson
TuesdaySep 11, 20187:30PMAntimi BlueMissouri Stealth 08Galaxy 08 Regan
TuesdaySep 11, 20187:30PMAntimi BlackEdge- BoonvilleGalaxy 09 Hagler
TuesdaySep 18, 20186:00PMAntimi BlueMissouri Stealth 08Edge- Boonville
TuesdaySep 18, 20186:00PMAntimi RedGalaxy 08 ReganGalaxy March
TuesdaySep 18, 20186:00PMAntimi BlackGalaxy 09 HaglerHavoc
TuesdaySep 18, 20187:30PMAntimi BlueRockers-JamesonMissouri Stealth 08
TuesdaySep 18, 20187:30PMAntimi RedGalaxy MarchGalaxy 09 Hagler
TuesdaySep 18, 20187:30PMAntimi BlackGalaxy 08 ReganEdge- Boonville
TuesdaySep 25, 20186:00PMAntimi RedRockers-JamesonEdge- Boonville
TuesdaySep 25, 20186:00PMAntimi BlueHavocGalaxy 08 Regan
TuesdaySep 25, 20186:00PMAntimi BlackMissouri Stealth 08Galaxy March
TuesdaySep 25, 20187:30PMAntimi RedRockers-JamesonGalaxy 09 Hagler
TuesdaySep 25, 20187:30PMAntimi BlueHavocMissouri Stealth 08
TuesdaySep 25, 20187:30PMAntimi BlackGalaxy MarchEdge- Boonville
TuesdayOct 2, 20186:00PMAntimi BlueGalaxy 08 ReganRockers-Jameson
TuesdayOct 2, 20186:00PMAntimi RedMissouri Stealth 08Galaxy 09 Hagler
TuesdayOct 2, 20186:00PMAntimi BlackGalaxy MarchHavoc
TuesdayOct 2, 20187:30PMAntimi BlueRockers-JamesonGalaxy March
TuesdayOct 2, 20187:30PMAntimi RedEdge- BoonvilleHavoc
TuesdayOct 2, 20187:30PMAntimi BlackGalaxy 09 HaglerGalaxy 08 Regan
TuesdayOct 9, 20186:00PMAntimi BlueRockers-JamesonHavoc
TuesdayOct 9, 20186:00PMAntimi RedGalaxy 09 HaglerEdge- Boonville
TuesdayOct 9, 20186:00PMAntimi BlackGalaxy 08 ReganMissouri Stealth 08
TuesdayOct 9, 20187:30PMAntimi BlueMissouri Stealth 08Rockers-Jameson
TuesdayOct 9, 20187:30PMAntimi RedGalaxy 09 HaglerGalaxy March
TuesdayOct 9, 20187:30PMAntimi BlackEdge- BoonvilleGalaxy 08 Regan

DC - 12U C Comp Girls

DoWDateTimeLocationHome TeamAway TeamSubdivisionScore
WednesdayAug 29, 20186:00PMAntimi GreenHavocLegacy- Leach 07
WednesdayAug 29, 20186:00PMAntimi PurpleLegacy 06 - DayRockers - Patrick
WednesdayAug 29, 20186:00PMAntimi RedLunachix 07Missouri Stealth '07 King/Johnson
WednesdayAug 29, 20187:30PMAntimi GreenRockers - PatrickEdge
WednesdayAug 29, 20187:30PMAntimi PurpleMissouri Stealth '07 King/JohnsonHavoc
WednesdayAug 29, 20187:30PMAntimi RedLunachix 07Legacy 06 - Day
WednesdaySep 5, 20186:00PMAntimi BlueRockers - PatrickCentralia Lightning
WednesdaySep 5, 20186:00PMAntimi GreenMissouri Stealth '07 King/JohnsonLegacy- Leach 07
WednesdaySep 5, 20186:00PMAntimi PurpleLunachix 07Rockers 06
WednesdaySep 5, 20186:00PMAntimi RedHavocEdge
WednesdaySep 5, 20187:30PMAntimi BlueCentralia LightningLegacy- Leach 07
WednesdaySep 5, 20187:30PMAntimi GreenRockers 06Rockers - Patrick
WednesdaySep 5, 20187:30PMAntimi PurpleEdgeLunachix 07
WednesdaySep 5, 20187:30PMAntimi RedHavocLegacy 06 - Day
WednesdaySep 12, 20186:00PMAntimi BlueCentralia LightningMissouri Stealth '07 King/Johnson
WednesdaySep 12, 20186:00PMAntimi GreenRockers - PatrickLunachix 07
WednesdaySep 12, 20186:00PMAntimi PurpleLegacy- Leach 07Legacy 06 - Day
WednesdaySep 12, 20186:00PMAntimi RedRockers 06Havoc
WednesdaySep 12, 20187:30PMAntimi BlueLunachix 07Centralia Lightning
WednesdaySep 12, 20187:30PMAntimi GreenLegacy 06 - DayMissouri Stealth '07 King/Johnson
WednesdaySep 12, 20187:30PMAntimi PurpleHavocRockers - Patrick
WednesdaySep 12, 20187:30PMAntimi RedEdgeLegacy- Leach 07
WednesdaySep 19, 20186:00PMAntimi BlueHavocCentralia Lightning
WednesdaySep 19, 20186:00PMAntimi GreenEdgeLegacy 06 - Day
WednesdaySep 19, 20186:00PMAntimi PurpleRockers 06Missouri Stealth '07 King/Johnson
WednesdaySep 19, 20186:00PMAntimi RedLegacy- Leach 07Rockers - Patrick
WednesdaySep 19, 20187:30PMAntimi BlueCentralia LightningLegacy 06 - Day
WednesdaySep 19, 20187:30PMAntimi GreenHavocLunachix 07
WednesdaySep 19, 20187:30PMAntimi PurpleEdgeMissouri Stealth '07 King/Johnson
WednesdaySep 19, 20187:30PMAntimi RedLegacy- Leach 07Rockers 06
WednesdaySep 26, 20186:00PMAntimi BlueCentralia LightningEdge
WednesdaySep 26, 20186:00PMAntimi GreenLegacy 06 - DayRockers 06
WednesdaySep 26, 20186:00PMAntimi PurpleLunachix 07Legacy- Leach 07
WednesdaySep 26, 20186:00PMAntimi RedMissouri Stealth '07 King/JohnsonRockers - Patrick
WednesdaySep 26, 20187:30PMAntimi BlueRockers 06Edge
WednesdaySep 26, 20187:30PMAntimi GreenLegacy- Leach 07Havoc
WednesdaySep 26, 20187:30PMAntimi PurpleRockers - PatrickLegacy 06 - Day
WednesdaySep 26, 20187:30PMAntimi RedMissouri Stealth '07 King/JohnsonLunachix 07
WednesdayOct 3, 20186:00PMAntimi BlueLegacy- Leach 07Centralia Lightning
WednesdayOct 3, 20186:00PMAntimi GreenRockers - PatrickRockers 06
WednesdayOct 3, 20186:00PMAntimi PurpleLunachix 07Edge
WednesdayOct 3, 20186:00PMAntimi RedLegacy 06 - DayHavoc
WednesdayOct 3, 20187:30PMAntimi BlueCentralia LightningRockers 06
WednesdayOct 3, 20187:30PMAntimi GreenEdgeRockers - Patrick
WednesdayOct 3, 20187:30PMAntimi PurpleMissouri Stealth '07 King/JohnsonHavoc
WednesdayOct 3, 20187:30PMAntimi RedLegacy 06 - DayLunachix 07
WednesdayOct 10, 20186:00PMAntimi BlueCentralia LightningRockers - Patrick
WednesdayOct 10, 20186:00PMAntimi GreenMissouri Stealth '07 King/JohnsonLegacy- Leach 07
WednesdayOct 10, 20186:00PMAntimi PurpleRockers 06Lunachix 07
WednesdayOct 10, 20187:30PMAntimi BlueMissouri Stealth '07 King/JohnsonCentralia Lightning
WednesdayOct 10, 20187:30PMAntimi GreenLegacy 06 - DayLegacy- Leach 07
WednesdayOct 10, 20187:30PMAntimi PurpleEdgeHavoc
WednesdayOct 17, 20186:00PMAntimi BlueEdgeRockers 06
WednesdayOct 17, 20187:30PMAntimi BlueRockers 06Centralia Lightning

DC - 9U Boys Comp

DoWDateTimeLocationHome TeamAway TeamSubdivisionScore
ThursdayAug 30, 20186:00PMAntimi BlueColumbia AvalancheMid-Mo Raptors
ThursdayAug 30, 20186:00PMAntimi RedMid-MO StarsColumbia RedHawks
ThursdayAug 30, 20188:00PMAntimi BlueMid-Mo RaptorsThe Naturals
ThursdayAug 30, 20188:00PMAntimi RedMid-MO StarsColumbia Avalanche
TuesdaySep 4, 20186:00PMAntimi GoldMid-Mo RaptorsColumbia Avalanche
ThursdaySep 13, 20186:00PMAntimi BlueMid-Mo RaptorsColumbia Avalanche
ThursdaySep 13, 20186:00PMAntimi RedColumbia RedHawksMid-MO Stars
ThursdaySep 13, 20188:00PMAntimi BlueThe NaturalsColumbia Avalanche
ThursdaySep 13, 20188:00PMAntimi RedColumbia RedHawksMid-Mo Raptors
ThursdaySep 20, 20186:00PMAntimi RedColumbia RedHawksThe Naturals
ThursdaySep 20, 20186:00PMAntimi BlueMid-MO StarsMid-Mo Raptors
ThursdaySep 20, 20188:00PMAntimi RedThe NaturalsMid-Mo Raptors
ThursdaySep 20, 20188:00PMAntimi BlueColumbia AvalancheMid-MO Stars
ThursdaySep 27, 20186:00PMAntimi BlueThe NaturalsMid-MO Stars
ThursdaySep 27, 20186:00PMAntimi RedColumbia AvalancheColumbia RedHawks
ThursdaySep 27, 20188:00PMAntimi BlueColumbia AvalancheThe Naturals
ThursdaySep 27, 20188:00PMAntimi RedMid-Mo RaptorsColumbia RedHawks
TuesdayOct 2, 20186:00PMAntimi GoldThe NaturalsColumbia Avalanche
ThursdayOct 4, 20186:00PMAntimi BlueMid-Mo RaptorsColumbia Avalanche
ThursdayOct 4, 20186:00PMAntimi RedMid-MO StarsColumbia RedHawks
ThursdayOct 4, 20188:00PMAntimi BlueMid-Mo RaptorsThe Naturals
ThursdayOct 4, 20188:00PMAntimi RedMid-MO StarsColumbia RedHawks
ThursdayOct 11, 20186:00PMAntimi BlueThe NaturalsColumbia RedHawks
ThursdayOct 11, 20186:00PMAntimi RedMid-MO StarsMid-Mo Raptors
ThursdayOct 11, 20188:00PMAntimi BlueMid-MO StarsThe Naturals
ThursdayOct 11, 20188:00PMAntimi RedColumbia AvalancheColumbia RedHawks
ThursdayOct 18, 20186:00PMAntimi BlueMid-MO StarsThe Naturals
ThursdayOct 18, 20186:00PMAntimi RedColumbia AvalancheColumbia RedHawks
ThursdayOct 18, 20188:00PMAntimi BlueThe NaturalsColumbia RedHawks
ThursdayOct 18, 20188:00PMAntimi RedMid-Mo RaptorsMid-MO Stars