Registration Forms and Information


GEYL acknowledges that there are several options for organized summer league baseball and softball. We are happy you chose GEYL. In order to make this season the most beneficial for your player, the following guidelines, suggestions and rules are offered:

Age Determination Date

GEYL offers single age divisions in baseball from age 6 through 12. Baseball players age 13, 14 and 15 play together in the 15 year old division. Baseball 16-17 year olds play in the high school division of Fort Collins Baseball Club and will travel for half of their games.  The age determination date for baseball is April 30th. The age determination date for softball players is December 31st. Softball divisions are: 8 and under; 10 and under; 12 and under; 16 and under. It is acceptable, but not encouraged, for a player to play in a higher age division. Parents who want their child to “play up” must consider the social, mental and physical capabilities of their child in competition against players who may be two full years older. Playing down an age division is never allowed. Please know that falsifying or misrepresenting a child’s date of birth may necessitate an expulsion of the child from the program. Also, a copy of the player’s birth certificate should be available immediately upon request. Please locate your player’s birth certificate before the season, in case it is requested.

Softball / Baseball

 Generally, girls play in the fast pitch softball league and boys play baseball. However, it isn’t uncommon for girls to register for baseball, especially in the younger divisions. Boys, on the other hand, do not play fast pitch softball.


All in-town player registration requests are honored on a first come first serve basis. Generally, only the first 12 requests will be added to the roster before the deadline. A 13th player may be added if player population requires. Coaches will receive their rosters by the second week of April and practices may begin the next week. Your patience is appreciated. On-line registration begins at 3:00 pm on the Tuesday following Martin Luther King Day. After the April 1st deadline, a $25 late fee will be assessed, and players are wait-listed until spots become available.


When you register online, you will enter a user ID and password. After teams are formed, the roster, practice information, and schedule will be accessible through the site. Go back through the same process as registration: Enter your user name and PW. This will display your player(s) team page(s), with roster(s) and schedule(s) when completed.

Out of Town Teams

Teams from other cities who wish to play their games in Greeley with the GEYL league, are welcome and encouraged to register. Registrations must be received before March 31st. The process for registration is the same as in-town players. A $5.00 non-resident fee will be assessed each registrant.

Team Registration

Teams that are already formed, either through tryouts or by coach selection, must complete registration and payment for each player before March 31st. USSSA player eligibility rules will apply to the end of season tournament (age and class regulations).

Volunteer Coaches 

All GEYL coaches are unpaid volunteers. Therefore, GEYL cannot guarantee coaches for all teams. If a volunteer is not secured by the first scheduled game, the team will be disbanded and registration fees returned. Please email if you are interested in coaching a team. Similarly, it is impossible to predict the exact number of coaches necessary before the registration deadline. Combining two teams may be necessary to facilitate adequate player numbers.

Practice locations and Times

The team's volunteer coach requests the practice location, days, and times at equipment pick up in April. Unlike other sports, it is a big advantage to be able to practice on a dirt infield; and there are too few of these. Although it would be an incentive to release the practice fields to coaches who register early, it would be a big disadvantage to late registrants--so practice fields/times/days are awarded by lottery at equipment pick up. Most practices run for an hour, twice a week, in the evenings. Since spring soccer practices conflict with baseball for the first month or so, it is anticipated that many players will attend limited practices. GEYL suggests practicing with each sport once a week during the overlap. Games should not be compromised due to weekend soccer schedules and weekday baseball games.  Practices will begin the week of May 1st; games will start the middle of May.


Games may be played at the Youth Sports Complex or Forbes Field in Greeley; Diamond Valley and Chimney Park in Windsor; Nelson Farm Park in Johnstown; and Eaton (to name a few) in the evenings, during the week. However, some Saturday games may be necessary. Generally, unless unusual circumstances exist, the first game of the weekday evening will be played at 5:30 p.m. All games must be concluded by 11:00 p.m. Generally, however, most of the younger age divisions are concluded by 8:30 p.m. and the older by 9:30 p.m. The Youth Sports Complex fields are divided into two 4-field pods: North and South. Fields are designated as Red, Blue, Green, and Yellow and correspond to the color of the bleachers and dug outs. Teams are guaranteed 5 games, including the double elimination, end of season tournament (see below). Games canceled due to weather will not be rescheduled unless a team is below the 5 game minimum.

Parent Volunteer

Parent volunteers are a necessity. Please talk with your coach if you feel compelled to volunteer for fund raising, picture day, snack schedule, scorekeeper, practice station monitor, or any other helpful resource.

Play Time Requirements

Each player in every age division of in-town leagues is required to play at least half the defensive innings of every game when the player is present and eligible. Sometimes, however, due to weather related cancellations and mercy rule policies, single games times may be compromised. There are no position specific play time regulations in any division.

League Tournament

All divisions of GEYL will have a league 2 game guarantee tournament with awards given to the 1st and 2nd place teams only. The championship game is winner take all regardless of whether a team game from the top or bottom bracket.  This tournament will be held the last two weeks of July. Games will be concluded by August 1st.

State Tournaments

State Tournaments are held at different locations throughout the state. In years past, the baseball 9 through 14 year old division State Tournaments have been held the second weekend in July, and the 8 year old division has been held the first weekend in July. Please check for the baseball tournaments schedule; usssa fastpitch for softball. All fees and costs associated with a State Tournament are the responsibility of the individual team.

Invitational Tournaments

Greeley Evans Youth League holds competitive tournaments for our in-town league classes. The Newbie Softball Tournament is held in March, Cball in April, Spring Swing in May, and the Big Slam C Softball Tournament is held in June for girls. There are many baseball tournaments starting in March. Also, there are similar tournaments scheduled throughout the season in other cities. Please check the USSSA website for other invitationals. Talk with your coach about the possibility of your team entering these local tournaments. GEYL teams can enter GEYL hosted tournaments for a reduced fee. 

Fund Raising

GEYL operates the concession stand at the Youth Sports Complex and Forbes Field. The revenue generated takes the place of any league fund raiser. However, the league does offer several fund raiser options for individual teams that would like to raise money for an end of season party, individual trophies, entry into a tournament, or coach gift. Please check with your coach if you would be interested in helping your team raise funds.

Picture Day

GEYL arranges for professional photography of each team and individual during the first week of June. A schedule will be posted on the GEYL web site as soon as possible. Reschedule dates will be the responsibility of individual teams. Pictures will be distributed by team to the coach and it is the parents' responsibility to collect individual pictures from their coach.

Uniforms and Equipment

As part of the registration fee, each player will be provided with a shirt and cap/visor. Please note that uniforms are numbered according to size, smallest to largest—-preference of a number is secondary to size. Gloves, pants, bats and rubber cleats (metal cleats only allowed in the 13-15 baseball age division; 16u for softball) are the responsibility of the player. However, please wait to purchase new pants until after your first team meeting. Color and style may be discussed.


Practices (generally two 1-hour practices a week) will begin the first of May; games may begin the middle of May. Remember, these coaches are usually parents volunteering to dedicate several hours a week with your child. Please exercise the utmost patience with their time constraints. Games will be scheduled through the end of July. Most games will be played in the evenings during the week. There may be an occasional weekend game.


GEYL offers outfield fence banner sponsorships. Please contact for more information.

Travel Team Try outs

Try outs are scheduled in August for the following season. Please check the web site for exact times and dates for your age division.

For more information please email mimi