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Manage Your League web-based software is the most comprehensive Sports Schedule Maker Software on the market. With our web-based app you can automatically schedule your sports league games and let your teams, coaches, umpires, and volunteers know what games are being played, where, and if they are rained out. Unlike sports schedule maker software programs installed on your computer, where you are tied to a desk, our web-based sports schedule maker software works in any Internet browser on any device from a laptop to a tablet, and even your smart phone, which makes it easy when you are at the field, court, or rink.

Your Sports Schedule Maker Software

Your managers can use our ALL-IN-ONE integrated sports schedule maker software for all their league scheduling needs.  Your administrators can either import your games, practices, or tournament schedules or use our automated sports schedule maker.

Automated Sports Schedule Maker

Manage Your League includes an integrated sports schedule maker that will automatically generate round robin schedules with even or odd number of teams.  The sports schedule maker will allow you to work around blackouts and special event schedules.  While generating games, the automated sports schedule maker will honor resource blackouts for fields, courts, or rinks.  It can also avoid double scheduling coaches and resources.

  • Automated Sports Schedule Maker
  • PreSeason Games
  • Resource & Team Blackouts
  • Coach Conflict Checker
  • Double Headers with forced time gap
  • Home field Enforcement
  • Schedule Sub-Divisions

Game Rain Out and Reschedule Tool

Your sports league managers can use our Rain Out tool to cancel or move games to another resource (field, court, or rink), another date, and another time.  Once completed, an email is sent to all players, parents, coaches and officials (referees and umpires.) Texting is also an option.


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