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6U Baseball

DoWDateTimeLocationHome TeamAway TeamScoreSubdivision
SundayMay 28, 201710:00AMOHYSA Softball Field 2OH BlueHays Bombers20-18
SundayMay 28, 201711:30AMOHYSA Softball Field 2LT (Castilleja)OH Blue17-18
FridayMay 26, 20176:00PMOHYSA Softball Field 2Hays Wrecking BallsMOYSC Trouble15-12
FridayMay 26, 20177:15PMOHYSA Softball Field 2DS TigersOH Green19-9
SaturdayMay 27, 201710:00AMOHYSA Softball Field 2CAYL RampageOH Blue19-8
SaturdayMay 27, 201711:30AMOHYSA Softball Field 2HuttoLT (Castilleja)20-8
SaturdayMay 27, 20171:00PMOHYSA Softball Field 2Hays Wrecking BallsHays Bombers19-4
SaturdayMay 27, 20172:15PMOHYSA Softball Field 2OH BlueMOYSC Trouble13-20
SaturdayMay 27, 20173:30PMOHYSA Softball Field 2Hays BombersOH Green15-20
SaturdayMay 27, 20174:45PMOHYSA Softball Field 2LT (Castilleja)MOYSC Trouble12-25
SaturdayMay 27, 20176:00PMOHYSA Softball Field 2DS TigersHays Wrecking Balls16-22
SaturdayMay 27, 20177:15PMOHYSA Softball Field 2HuttoCAYL Rampage18-15
SundayMay 28, 20171:00PMOHYSA Softball Field 2DS TigersMOYSC Trouble18-17
SundayMay 28, 20172:30PMOHYSA Softball Field 2CAYL RampageOH Green15-20
SundayMay 28, 20174:00PMOHYSA Softball Field 2OH GreenDS Tigers18-25
SundayMay 28, 20175:30PMOHYSA Softball Field 2HuttoHays Wrecking Balls
SundayMay 28, 20177:15PMOHYSA Softball Field 2TBDDS Tigers
MondayMay 29, 20175:30PMOHYSA Softball Field 2TBDTBD
MondayMay 29, 20177:00PMOHYSA Softball Field 2TBDTBD

8U Baseball

DoWDateTimeLocationHome TeamAway TeamScoreSubdivision
SundayMay 28, 201710:00AMPintoLTYA (Kloac)WH Bulldogs
SundayMay 28, 201711:30AMShetlandHays TitansMOYS Silver8-9
SundayMay 28, 201711:30AMPintoMohawksOHYSA White
FridayMay 26, 20176:00PMShetlandMOYSC 7UOHYSA White16-9OHI A
FridayMay 26, 20176:00PMOHYSA Softball Field 1Manchaca BlueOH Green3-9OHI B
FridayMay 26, 20176:00PMPintoCAYL DamageMOYS Silver13-0OHI A
FridayMay 26, 20177:30PMShetlandHays BlueOHYSA Blue7-1OHI A
FridayMay 26, 20177:30PMPintoDS TigersHays Titans13-1OHI B
FridayMay 26, 20177:30PMOHYSA Softball Field 1MohawksCAYL Angels6-8OHI B
SaturdayMay 27, 20178:30AMPintoOHYSA SilverWH Bulldogs14-0OHI A
SaturdayMay 27, 201710:00AMOHYSA Softball Field 1MOYSC 7UHays Blue6-15OHI A
SaturdayMay 27, 201710:00AMPintoCAYL DamagePBL Apaches10-8OHI A
SaturdayMay 27, 201710:00AMShetlandOHYSA WhiteMOYS Silver8-9OHI A
SaturdayMay 27, 201711:30AMShetlandOHYSA BlueMOYS Silver16-10OHI A
SaturdayMay 27, 201711:30AMOHYSA Softball Field 1OHYSA SilverCAYL Damage8-9OHI A
SaturdayMay 27, 201711:30AMPintoWH BulldogsPBL Apaches13-12OHI A
SaturdayMay 27, 20171:00PMShetlandOHYSA SilverOHYSA Blue11-17OHI A
SaturdayMay 27, 20171:00PMPintoMOYSC 7UPBL Apaches13-12OHI A
SaturdayMay 27, 20172:30PMOHYSA Softball Field 1CAYL AngelsOH Red Wings15-11OHI B
SaturdayMay 27, 20172:30PMPintoLTYA (Kloac)WH Badger Boys8-14OHI B
SaturdayMay 27, 20172:30PMShetlandManchaca BlueMohawks9-3OHI B
SaturdayMay 27, 20174:00PMPintoWH Badger BoysCAYL Angels1-11OHI B
SaturdayMay 27, 20174:00PMShetlandHays TitansManchaca Blue4-11OHI B
SaturdayMay 27, 20175:30PMShetlandLTYA (Kloac)OH Red Wings3-10OHI B
SaturdayMay 27, 20175:30PMPintoDS TigersOH Green3-14OHI B
SaturdayMay 27, 20177:00PMPintoDS TigersOH Red Wings16-3OHI B
SaturdayMay 27, 20177:00PMShetlandWH Badger BoysManchaca Blue2-9OHI B
SundayMay 28, 20171:00PMPintoMOYSC 7UOHYSA Blue14-6OHI A
SundayMay 28, 20171:00PMShetlandHays BlueCAYL Damage9-4OHI A
SundayMay 28, 20172:30PMPintoOH GreenCAYL Angels16-15OHI B
SundayMay 28, 20172:30PMShetlandDS TigersManchaca Blue5-6OHI B
SundayMay 28, 20174:00PMPintoCAYL AngelsManchaca BlueOHI B
SundayMay 28, 20174:00PMShetlandCAYL DamageMOYSC 7UOHI A
SundayMay 28, 20175:30PMPintoTBDOH Green
SundayMay 28, 20175:30PMShetlandTBDHays Blue
MondayMay 29, 20175:30PMPintoTBDTBD
MondayMay 29, 20175:30PMShetlandTBDTBD

10U National League Baseball

DoWDateTimeLocationHome TeamAway TeamScoreSubdivision
SundayMay 28, 20171:00PMM2Loser Game 8Loser Game 12
SundayMay 28, 20171:00PMM1Loser Game 9Loser Game 105-11
FridayMay 26, 20176:00PMM2WH Badger Boys (Spencer)OHYSA Red (Hernandez)22-2
FridayMay 26, 20176:00PMM1LT Scorpions (Hawkins)MOYSC Blue (Martinez)8-9
FridayMay 26, 20178:00PMM1DS Outlaws (Treague)OHYSA Blue (Davies)8-15
SaturdayMay 27, 20179:00AMM2WH Badger Boys (Spencer)LT (Rahn)10-0
SaturdayMay 27, 20179:00AMM1DS Tigers (Gaines)OHYSA Silver (Boyd)1-12
SaturdayMay 27, 201711:00AMM2OHYSA Blue (Davies)MOYSC Red (Perez)5-8
SaturdayMay 27, 201711:00AMM1MOYSC Blue (Martinez)OHYSA Green (Salomon)3-20
SaturdayMay 27, 20171:00PMM1LT (Rahn)LT Scorpions (Hawkins)10-9
SaturdayMay 27, 20173:00PMM2MOYSC Blue (Martinez)OHYSA Red (Hernandez)17-4
SaturdayMay 27, 20173:00PMM1DS Tigers (Gaines)DS Outlaws (Treague)8-11
SaturdayMay 27, 20175:00PMM1OHYSA Blue (Davies)LT (Rahn)8-3
SaturdayMay 27, 20175:00PMM2DS Outlaws (Treague)MOYSC Blue (Martinez)6-6
SaturdayMay 27, 20177:00PMM1OHYSA Silver (Boyd)OHYSA Green (Salomon)8-20
SaturdayMay 27, 20177:00PMM2WH Badger Boys (Spencer)MOYSC Red (Perez)
SundayMay 28, 20173:00PMM1TBDOHYSA Blue (Davies)
SundayMay 28, 20173:00PMM2OHYSA Silver (Boyd)TBD
SundayMay 28, 20175:00PMM2TBDTBD
SundayMay 28, 20175:00PMM1TBDOHYSA Green (Salomon)
SundayMay 28, 20177:00PMM1TBDTBD
MondayMay 29, 20175:00PMM1TBDTBD
MondayMay 29, 20177:00PMM1TBDTBD

12U Baseball

DoWDateTimeLocationHome TeamAway TeamScoreSubdivision
SundayMay 28, 201711:00AMOak Hill Bronco FieldLoser Sat 3PMLoser Sat 5PM
FridayMay 26, 20175:30PMOak Hill Bronco FieldHays (Vilarreal)OH Green3-13
FridayMay 26, 20177:30PMOak Hill Bronco FieldHays LumberjacksLT Cavaliers6-5
SaturdayMay 27, 201711:00AMOak Hill Bronco FieldOH GreenOH Blue13-3
SaturdayMay 27, 20171:00PMOak Hill Bronco FieldHays LumberjacksDS Tigers10-8
SaturdayMay 27, 20173:00PMOak Hill Bronco FieldOH BlueLT Cavaliers12-7
SaturdayMay 27, 20175:00PMOak Hill Bronco FieldDS TigersHays (Vilarreal)12-2
SundayMay 28, 20171:00PMOak Hill Bronco FieldDS TigersOH Blue4-2
SundayMay 28, 20173:00PMOak Hill Bronco FieldHays LumberjacksOH Green
SundayMay 28, 20175:00PMOak Hill Bronco FieldTBDDS Tigers
SundayMay 28, 20177:00PMOak Hill Bronco FieldTBDTBD
MondayMay 29, 20176:00PMOak Hill Bronco FieldTBDTBD

14U Baseball

DoWDateTimeLocationHome TeamAway TeamScoreSubdivision
FridayMay 26, 20176:30PMOak Hill Pony FieldOH SilverOH Green6-9
SaturdayMay 27, 20179:00AMOak Hill Pony FieldOH GreenSan Marcos12-9
SaturdayMay 27, 201711:30AMOak Hill Pony FieldHaysOH Green0-21
SaturdayMay 27, 20172:00PMOak Hill Pony FieldHaysSan Marcos1-11
SundayMay 28, 201711:00AMOak Hill Pony FieldOH SilverHays14-3
SundayMay 28, 20171:30PMOak Hill Pony FieldOH SilverSan Marcos1-5
SundayMay 28, 20174:00PMOak Hill Pony FieldTBDTBD
SundayMay 28, 20176:30PMOak Hill Pony FieldTBDTBD
MondayMay 29, 20176:00PMOak Hill Pony FieldTBDTBD