Oak Hill Youth Sports Association

Oak Hill Invitational - May 24 - 27

Register now for Oak Hill's annual baseball warm-up tournament to prepare  teams for the summer season in a friendly environment.

Registration is now closed. If you would like to check for availability in a specific division contact Traci Anderson.

Click for more information about divisions, entry fees, tournament format, and rainout policy

Information for coaches and managers

Specific playing rules

Information for parents, fans & spectators


If you submitted a registration but do not see your name on the list, please contact Traci Anderson

**Updated** 14U Pool & Championship Schedule

**Updated for Saturday Play** 12U Double Elimination w/3GG Bracket

**Updated for Saturday Play** 10U Double Elimination w/3GG Bracket

**Updated for Saturday Play** 8U Double Elimination w/3GG Bracket

6U Double Elimination w/3GG Bracket


We appreciate your support of your player and youth sports, and thank you for participating in our Oak Hill Invitational!

A few notes for those of you visiting us this weekend.

Directions: We are located on the southeast corner of HWY 290 West and Joe Tanner Ln in southwest Austin. You can access our fields via HWY 290 to Joe Tanner Ln, OR from Wm Cannon westbound to McCarty Ln. 

Driving in our complex: To keep traffic flowing this weekend, please use the gate at Joe Tanner to enter our complex and the gate onto the 290 access road to exit, and please always keep right. Drive slowly and be aware that children will be walking around everywhere.

Parking in our complex: Parking is limited; carpooling is recommended. Please DO NOT park with any part of your vehicle blocking either a paved or gravel roadway.  This is especially important in narrow areas where bottlenecks occur. Blockades will be set up in some areas to allow our tractors and field crew to access fields for maintenance and prep. Please do not park in these areas or move any pylons set up for that purpose. 
It will be tempting, but DO NOT park in the dirt bunkers where we store field dirt. 
Because of our limited parking, pop-up tents or canopies are prohibited in parking areas. Additionally, any RVs, trailers, large commercial trucks or duallys should park outside our gates in the area behind Mustang 1 field.

Bathrooms: Bathrooms are located at either end of our complex, adjacent to the office by Mustang 1 field and the Concessions Stand by the Softball 2 field.

Concessions & Food: Our Concession Stand will be selling fountain and bottled drinks, snack foods and a variety of hot foods including breakfast tacos, brisket sandwiches, hot dogs, sausage wraps, etc. The Invitational is an annual fundraiser for our league, so please be respectful of that and DO NOT bring in outside food - whether fast food, picnic foods, etc. - into the complex.  This includes grills or grilling for your team.

Small Children: Please keep an eye out for younger siblings. Do not bring bikes, scooters, skates or other wheeled toys. We have had rain this week and Williamson Creek does have water in it. This is primarily road run-off and we advise that kids stay out of it due to unseen hazards. Additionally, the creek is home to wildlife over which we have no control

Pets: We do not allow pets of any species, age or size inside our complex. If you bring a pet you will be asked to leave. Please make sure that any family members you invite are aware of this and leave their pets at home.

Zero Tolerance: No alcohol, tobacco, vaping or profanity. Allow your head coach to handle interactions with the umpires. Do not jeer other players or use noisemakers to distract the opposing team. You can use small PAs and warmup/walkup music, however our fields are very close to each other and you may be asked to adjust the volume if it's causing an issue on an adjacent field.
Remember that this is a youth tournament and that we are all here to make sure boys and girls have a chance to play the game they love to play. Adult habits and actions can be saved for another time and place.

Click here for a map of our complex, including field names, cage and facility locations and approximate parking areas (the dirt textured background) as well as where parking will be restricted.

Play hard, have fun! 

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