Severe Weather Procedure

  • All activities will be halted and the Oak Hill Youth Sports Association Complex will be closed for at least 30 minutes when there is (1) a thunderstorm with claps of thunder, (2) lightning is observed, or (3) if there is a tornado warning in the vicinity of the facility.
  • Players, coaches and spectators will be advised to seek shelter in a safe, fully enclosed building or a vehicle.  At no time should players remain in the dugouts during this 30 minute period.
  • The game will not be resumed until a full 30 minutes after (1) the last clap of thunder is heard, (2) the last bolt of lightning is seen, or (3) the tornado warning has been lifted. Participants will be signaled if/when it is determined to be safe to re-enter the Complex.
  • If field conditions allow, activities may resume at that time.  The umpire on each field will have sole discretion in determining the 30-minute period for each game, and he may not be overruled by the managers of the teams playing the game. 
  • A Board Member and/or Commissioner on site may be consulted and shall have authority to suspend or resume all games on all fields. 
  • If the game cannot be resumed, it will be suspended until a later time. 

Rain Out Procedures

Rain out decisions are made as soon as possible on game days. 

Emails will be sent to umpires and information will be posted on the Facebook and Twitter accounts.

In some instances there will be game time decisions on a field by field basis. 

If at any time you believe that field conditions are (1) dangerous for play or (2) likely to see damage to the infield if plays continues, call time and involve the UICs or Board Members/Commissioners on site. 

Game Delays or Suspensions

If a game is delayed or stopped and cannot be considered a complete game, consult with both Head Coaches to determine length of play time, inning stopped, score, # of outs, offensive position and if 10U & up the pitcher name and pitch count.  You may or may not be assigned to complete this game but making sure everyone is on the same page ensures that it can be completed with minimal difficulties.

Weather Apps

OHYSA uses the following apps to monitor weather situations.

  • Weather Bug/Spark Lightning
  • NOAA Weather Radar
  • My Lightning Tracker
  • MyRadar