Attire & Equipment


This is a job. What you wear should make it clear to yourself and those on the field and in the stands that you understand that.

  • Look professional – wear an umpire shirt.
  • Standard umpire shirt is a collared 3 button placket; navy with red & white trim for baseball and powder blue with white & navy trim for softball.
  • Black, Blue or dark colored caps or visors only. No MLB, MiLB or NPF logos to prevent impression of bias
  • Umpires must wear charcoal grey pants.
  • Do not wear athletic shorts, swim trunks, sweat pants, joggers, jeans or other casual attire.




  • AT ALL LEVELS - Ball bag, plate brush, indicator, dark cap, black or black/white shoes, and black belt – these can be purchased in a combo package at most sporting goods stores
  • FOR 2-MAN CREWS OHYSA provides a LIMITED amount of umpire safety gear located in marked “umpire bins” . We CANNOT guarantee that equipment will be available for each plate umpire at every game. We stock the bin with sufficient gear at the start of each season, but unfortunately if gear is not returned we may not know with sufficient notice to restock it.
    • At a minimum, purchase your own face mask.
    • It is HIGHLY recommended that any umpire planning on calling 2 man crew invest in their own gear.

You can usually find the individual pieces needed to create a set at deeply discounted prices and occasionally sets new in box at

Play It Again Sports – Ben White & Lamar next to Target (also other locations)

These sites offer affordable options for a starter set, as well as individual pieces.