RBYB needs more Coaches
 If you would like to become a coach for RBYB please go to the document section, print a coaches application, complete the form and mail it to:
PO Box 692
Redondo Beach, CA 90277-0692
If you have a son or daughter in the league, during the registration process, you will be given the opportunity to volunteer for head or assistant coach positions. This information will be forwarded to the appropriate Athletic Director (A/D) and they will contact you.

The Blitz Drill is designed to help your team counter attack while the opposition is at its weakest. It'll help you win more games - and it's really fun to coach. Check it out and see how great it works.

Ball Screen and Flare is ideal for teams in desperate need of a 3-pointer late in a game. Used at the very highest levels of basketball, this drill also works well at youth or high school levels.

 All RBYB Head Coaches & Assistant Coaches
Live Scan* Required
Any one working with Children at RBYB need to Live Scan.
If you have completed a Live Scan for another organization, you will still need to complete a Live Scan for RBYB.
 *Live Scan is a process whereby your fingerprints are checked against a database for any criminal activity. This is to protect your children and insure they are not associated with personnel who may be a danger to them. This is now a requirement for all adults working in youth sports.


Below is a link of locations where adults may make appointments to have this done. Make sure you tell the LiveScan representative that you are a volunteer coach for RBYB a non-profit organization.  This information will help to insure that your are only charged the fingerprint fee, as the DOJ waives the additional background check fee for non-profit organizations.  Cost ranges from $18-$25.