About Your MYL Sports Website

Below is a sample of the questions and answers you'll find by clicking the FAQ link. 

What is the announcements module and how does it work?

The announcements module is similar to a news feed. The module displays an image and a title to an announcement that users can select. When a user selects an anouncement, they are brought to the announcements page which allows them to view the content associated to the announcement.

The announcements module works along with the announcements feed (admin side).

Navigate to Communication->Website-> Announcements Feed on the admin side. In the bottom area you enter the title, an image for the article(optional), whether you want the article visible, and the content you wish to display. After you click add you should see the announcement in the upper area where you can select it again to edit and update the information.

Once you have the announcements module on a page the items will show up and users will click the title of the article they wish to view.

How do official substitutions work?

Official substitutions will list the games that are currently scheduled for the day. If another official has entered themselves as unavailable in the availability form, there will be a spot open for an official to substitute in for that game. Once they select the position they want to fill and click substitute, they will already be confirmed for that days game.

Where can I find the link for registration?

To find the link for registration, navigate to Setup->Registration-> Registration Setup. At the bottom of the page there is a link to the registration for the active season (or the registration season override if set). This link can be copied and pasted anywhere needed.

How do I update my league contact information?

Navigate to Setup->Organization->League. Go to the tab labeled "Contact". From here your league information can be edited.

How do we remove a registration?

The easiest way to remove a registration is to go the to persons registration record in the Registration Edit tool and then delete that record using the delete icon at the top of the page.

If you don't know the player's registration ID or aren't aware of the other tools that can link you to the player's registration record, then you can first go to Player Edit, search for the player whose registration you want to remove, and then click on the link for the appropriate season you want to remove them from in the Seasons box. This will bring up the Registration Edit popup for that player/season combination.

How can I access the web editor?

To access the web editor, navigate to Communication->Web Site-> Web Editor.  The editor will appear in a separate window. Please note that in order to access the web editor, you must be an administrator with an access level of 15.  If you need access to the web editor but don’t have the necessary permissions, please contact one of your site’s administrators.

How can I turn off registration?

To toggle registration access off and on, You can navigate to Setup->Registration->Registration Setup.  On the General options you can change the "Blackout Registration" option to "Yes" or "No".  This setting will still allow admins who are logged in to access registration.