Be a Coach

Becoming a Coach

It starts with that question, “Why can’t YOU be my coach?”  There are so many reasons you could say no - work’s hectic, you’re overscheduled, you’ve never coached before. But here’s the thing - we were all there once. Every coach at OHYSA is a volunteer, and we all started with the one big reason to say yes - someone asked.  OHYSA actively seeks volunteer coaches each year. And we provide the necessary tools to get even beginner coaches up to speed for a team of players waiting to be coached. To become a coach submit  a Volunteer Application, then read the information below and complete all appropriate requirements. Please note: final selection of Head Coaches and Priority Assistants is at the discretion of the Baseball and Softball Committees. 

It is the responsibility of the coach to have familiarity with our Blue Book, rules and procedures specific to OHYSA. All OHYSA volunteers must also sign the Release and Waiver of Liability

#1 Membership 


In addition to offsetting the cost of our volunteer security measures, Association Membership gives you a voice and a vote on matters important to OHYSA. Don’t like a Blue Book rule? Only Association Members can submit changes. Interested in casting a ballot at the next election? You can if you’re a member. Meetings are held monthly by schedule or at the discretion of the Board if necessary.

Who: REQUIRED of Board Members, Commissioners, Head Coaches and Priority Assistants and ANY ON FIELD, IN DUGOUT, OR BADGED VOLUNTEER. Dues are non-refundable once paid.

Cost: $15 per calendar year (Jan to Dec)

How: Pay your Membership dues at

#2 Security 

Childrens’ safety is priority number one. Because of this, we require that all volunteers that interact on the field with our children pass background checks.

!!!Please use a desktop for this submission and if you do not immediately receive an email, check your spam folder.  One email address per coach. Also, there is a known issue with,, and addresses!!!   

WHO: Head Coaches, Priority Assistants, on field coaching staff, adult umpires, Board Members, Commissioners, Concession Directors. Volunteers passing background check in a Spring season do not need to submit a new form in the following Fall season.

COST: No cost to approved volunteers 


Submit your information and photo online at

#3 Identification 

Knowing WHO has been cleared to spend one on one time with your child at a glance is just as important.Coaching staff on the field are required to wear OHYSA ID badges distributed only to those who have cleared the background check.

WHO: REQUIRED of Head Coaches, Priority Assistants, and all on field coaching staff (subject to limits per blue book). Volunteers badged in a Spring season do not need new badges in the following Fall season.

COST: Contingent on paid dues - calendar year (Jan to Dec) 

HOW: Badges will be shipped directly to applicants once approved.

#4 Training 

Training opportunities are provided throughout the year to improve your abilities and help you with questions or issues that may arise. Coaching clinics and training events bring our volunteers together with specialists and professionals that can help fill in any gaps in their coaching experience. 

WHO: RECOMMENDED of Head Coaches, Priority Assistants, other coaching staff

COST: No cost to approved volunteers

HOW: Coaches clinics and training sessions are scheduled throughout the pre-season. Please visit our website, subscribe to our newsletter, or contact our Director of Training directly for more information.

 #5 Safety

Certified CPR trainers scheduled by OHYSA hold hands-on training in basic CPR and use of the AEDs available in the event of emergency situations. AEDs are accessible at the side of each concession stand in the black lock boxes. Approved volunteers will be given the combinations to the locks for ease of access when concessions are closed. Additionally, concussion protocol training is offered.

WHO: RECOMMENDED for Head Coaches, Priority Assistants, other coaching staff

COST: No cost to any interested parties

HOW: Training dates will be sent via newsletter and posted on the website once scheduled