OHI PARTICIPANTS - please note that the 8U games posted online under OHI>Games are doing something glitchy. We aren't sure what the problem is, but are trying to correct it now. Please bear with us while we work on correcting the issue. THIS ONLY SEEMS TO BE HAPPENING TO 8U. The 8U schedule for Sunday is as follows:

Winners Brackets:

Hays Blue v CAYL Damage 1PM Shetland

OH Green v CAYL Angels 2:30PM Pinto

Losers Brackets:

OH Blue v MOYSC 7U 1PM Pinto

MOYSC Blue v Dripping Springs 2:30PM Shetland

3rd Game Guarantees

Lake Travis v Bulldogs 10AM Pinto

Hays Titans v MOYSC Silver 11:30AM Shetland

Mohawks v OH White 11:30 Pinto

We apologize for the inconvenience and your patience for bearing with us.

Oak Hill Invitational May 26 - 29


Please make sure you note the location of fields on our facilities map.

Also - all brackets have 3 game guarantee. Some brackets show these highlighted in yellow.

6U - BRACKET - plays on Softball 2 (SB2) and Shetland fields  

8U "A" BRACKET & 8U "B" BRACKET - play on Shetland, Pinto & Softball 1 (SB1) fields

Due to the number of teams, 8U bracket has 2 divisions. "A" division should read left to right. "B" division should read right to left. Each bracket has a "champion" (undefeated or IF) that will play each other A v B for 1st and 2nd place.  The bracket pdfs are meant to be printed out and face each other for the complete bracket.

10U BRACKET - plays on Mustang 1 (M1) and Mustang 2 (M2) fields 

12U Bracket - plays on Bronco field 

14U Bracket - plays on Pony field 

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