Registration for 2017 Fall Ball

Online registration for the upcoming Fall Ball season opens on August 1st.

An Early Bird Fee of $135 has been set for the season for all registrations COMPLETED and PAID prior to August 27th.  After that date the regular season fee of $150 per player will apply.

Please note - WeeBall fees remain $50 per player for the season, subject to availability, regardless of when the player is registered.

To register in person, or to pay by check or cash, please come to walk-up registration at the Front Office @ OHYSA on Saturday, August 19th from 10AM to 2PM. 

For a description of each division of play click here.

For a general overview of OHYSA and the Fall Ball season click here.

For information about volunteering as a Head Coach or Priority Assistant click here.

**UPDATE to Baseball Cut-Off**

#1 In July 2017 the OHYSA Board of Directors voted to implement an age change rule that would align baseball playing ages to that of Little League International and PONY Baseball by moving the cut-off  from 4/30 to 8/31. 

Because OHYSA playing ages run Fall to Spring, implementation of the change in Fall 2017 would effectively push players with summer birthdays (May, June, July & August) up two playing years rather than just the expected one playing year. Although this will occur regardless of WHEN the change is implemented, feedback from parents of impacted players overwhelmingly expressed concerns at such a rapid change.

After discussion among the Baseball Commissioners and Board, a vote to modify the implementation of the rule change has been passed.  For Fall 2017 and Spring 2018 the cut-off will remain 4/30/18. Beginning with the Fall 2018 season, implementation will occur and cut-off will move to 8/31/19

During the Fall 2017 and Spring 2018 seasons, players with birthdates between 5/1 and 8/31 may CHOOSE to "play up" - effectively aligning them with their eventual playing age. Parents choosing to do so will need to first register through the online registration system or at walk-up registration on 8/19, and THEN contact or their age appropriate Baseball Commissioner. 

Again, this change and the modification to it, only apply to players registering in baseball with birthdates in May, June, July and August. If you have any concerns or questions regarding this rule change, please email

#2 For baseball only, we will be adopting CenTex Series baseball bat restrictions - the primary change is as noted below.

1) For playing ages 8 and under- The maximum diameter shall not exceed two and five eighths (2-5/8”) inches. All bats larger in diameter than two and one quarter (2 ¼) inches must be "equal to or heavier" than minus 10 (- 10) for U5 thru U8. For example: -10, -9, -8, -7, -6 or -5 are acceptable length to weight ratio’s whereas -11, - 12 and -13 would not.

2) For playing ages 9 and older- The maximum diameter shall not exceed two and three quarters (2 ¾”) inches. All bats larger in diameter than two and one quarter (2 ¼) must be labeled with either a BBCOR or 1.15BPF stamp.

OHYSA is aware of, and monitoring, the USAbat standards being implemented by youth leagues beginning in 2018, but has made no changes regarding them at this time.


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