OHYSA is undertaking necessary upgrades to our primary water and irrigation systems.  Until this is complete, all water at the complex will be non-potable.  It is safe for hand washing and toilet usage.  Concessions will only sell bottled/canned drinks and packaged snacks. We have contacted the city to place necessary warning notices in place.


Baseball Clinics with Coach Darrel May

Former MLB pitcher Darrel May, currently serving as St Andrews Upper School Assistant Baseball Coach, will be hosting clinics next week at OHYSA.

Darrell May last played for the New York Yankees, batting and and throwing left-handed. May was first drafted in 1992 and has played with the Braves, Pirates and Angels.

Long Toss Clinic – Monday, Sept 18, 6:30-7:30, PONY FIELD. Cost $30 payable to Coach May. Ages 10-14. Clinic discusses and teaches the proper mechanics benefits of Long Toss. Mr. May uses the skills taught in the Long Toss skills are directly applicable to pitching skills. Limited to 16 participants REGISTER NOW.

Pitching Clinic – Tuesday, September 19, 6:30-8:00, BRONCO FIELD. Cost $30 payable to Coach May. Ages 10-12+. Limited to 8 participants REGISTER NOW.

Fall 2017 Has Begun!

Welcome to another exciting season of OHYSA Fall Ball. Games will be underway and the fields will be packed with screaming fans and players enjoying the day with teammates and coaches.

So, of course, it's time for our seasonal reminder about safety!

  • OHYSA is a smoke-free and alcohol free facility. No smoking or vaping is allowed on-site. Smoke-free tobacco products are not allowed in dugouts, bleachers or on the field.
  • With the exception of service animals, pets are prohibited from the complex, regardless of species or age. All animals are subject to inquiry per ADA legal cite.
  • Dirt stockpiles throughout the complex are for field maintenance use only.  Observe posted Danger signs and do not allow your children to play in them.
  • Drive with caution and reduced speed . Children often walk across the roadways on their way to fields and cages and their safety is our first priority.
  • Park only in the gravel lots and obey No Parking signs. No part of your vehicle should be blocking the roadway or driving portions of the lots. Do not park behind someone without their express prior consent.
  • Use of the batting cages is prioritized for team use specific to cage location. Anyone 18 or younger using the cages MUST wear a batting helmet, whether pitching or batting.

We'd also love it if you read up on our Zero Tolerance and Severe Weather Policies and remember that the Umpires are human and can make mistakes. Treat them with the respect that they deserve for stepping up and being out there - they can and will eject coaches and fans that use unacceptable language or engage in inappropriate behavior. Finally, all Board Members, Commissioners and Coaches are VOLUNTEERS who are out overseeing 700+ players this season.  Take a moment today to thank them for their time!

Have a great season and PLAY BALL!

New Board Members

Please welcome our newly elected Board Members.

Mike Hertel - President (1 year term)

Craig Lusk - Vice President (1 year term)

Traci Anderson - Secretary (1 year term)

Jeff Whitmire - Treasurer (1 year term)

Nolan Mast - Capital Improvements (2 year term)

Dan Dankert - Communications (2 year term)

Russ Woodyard - Uniforms (2 year term)

Gus Payne - At Large (2 year term)

Board Members currently beginning 2nd of year of their term:

Kelly Latz - Sponsorship 

Stan McDonald - Training 

Amanda Kerley - Events 

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