CenTex - June 10th & 11th


Driving in the complex:

For the duration of the tournament, OHYSA will maintain a single direction entrance/exit flow. All traffic will enter through the creekside gate on Joe Tanner Ln and exit onto the Hwy 290 access road through the 290 gate. Entrance and exit signs will be posted.

While driving in the complex, keep right to avoid oncoming traffic.

Maintain a slow rate of speed (posted 5MPH) and be aware that small children will be everywhere.

Do not drive inside the complex with unsecured minors, such as in the bed of a truck or piled inside a van.


Parking is limited. Please be aware of this and plan accordingly. OHYSA encourages car-pooling whenever possible.

Inside the gate parking is not guaranteed. OHYSA personnel may assist with parking or direct you to move your vehicle if necessary.

Do not park in the Oak Hill Bible Church's parking areas. They will tow you.

Do not park blocking access to field gates, equipment shed, maintenance bunkers or any area clearly indicated as prohibited. Crews cannot prep fields between games if these areas are blocked.

Do not park blocking any roadway, either paved or gravel.


Bathrooms are located on both sides of the complex in the grey cinder block buildings. 

The Concession Stand is located on the east side of the complex by the softball fields. 

The OHYSA Front Office is located on the west side of the complex by the Bronco field.

OHYSA has 14 batting cages located throughout the complex. For tournaments, cages are available on a first come, first served basis. Please be considerate in your cage use. Longer cages, such as the Pony cages and the Thunderdome, have priority use by 12U & 14U teams for safety reason. All players must have helmets on while in the cages. No metal spikes allowed.

Do's and Don'ts:

NO OUTSIDE FOOD OR DRINK are allowed, other than items for PLAYER hydration. 

No tents in any parking areas.

No grills.

No RVs, trailers, boats or other towed items.

No alcohol.

No smoking, including vaping devices, anywhere inside the complex.

No bikes, scooters, skates or other wheeled toys.

No PETS of any species or kind allowed within the complex. 


OHYSA personnel will work to direct traffic. All vehicles parked north of an imaginary line running from the concession stand to Pony center field will exit through the Bronco gate. All vehicles parked south of an imaginary line running from the concession stand to Pony center field will exit through the Joe Tanner gate.

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