Parking Options

Parking at OHYSA

There is currently major highway construction surrounding our complex. To reach us, refer to directions on our home page. Even at the best of time we have limited parking. Because of this we have made arrangements for overflow parking as 3 off-site locations adjacent to our facilities in addition to our own property. Be respectful of their property and make sure that you adhere to their highlighted restrictions.  It is best practice to leave your name and a textable number on your dashboard so that you can be reached in the event that you are not parked appropriately. 

A map of our complex, including field names, cage and facility locations and approximate parking areas (the dirt textured background) as well as where parking is restricted, is located at the bottom of this page. PLEASE NOTE: the access road @ Joe Tanner is currently closed as is the U-turn at that light. Refer to directions on our home page.

Parking in our complex: 

  • All traffic must enter through the gate at Joe Tanner and exit through the gates onto the 290 access road. Always keep right and drive slowly.
  • Parking is limited; carpooling is recommended.
  • DO NOT park with any part of your vehicle blocking either a paved or gravel roadway. 
  • Blockades will be set up in some areas to allow our tractors and field crew to access fields for maintenance and prep.
  • Do not park in these areas or move any pylons set up for that purpose. 
  • There will be clearly marked reserved areas. These are for our staff of concession workers, grounds crew, umpires and league volunteers so that they can park quickly and go to their work sites. Don't park there - this only hurts the flow of games.
  • Because of our limited parking, pop-up tents or canopies are prohibited in parking areas. No RVs, trailers or large commercial trucks.
  • While we will make every effort to locate the owner of a vehicle, we will tow without notification if a vehicle is blocking access.

Location #1: Mision Cristiana Internacional LIDS. This church is located at 6117 Hwy 290 immediately in front of our complex. They have a small paved lot and unpaved parking in a dirt lot to the side (outlined in pink). You may park at this facility on FRIDAY NIGHT and on SATURDAY. On SUNDAY you can only park here after 2PM. When parking at this location you can walk through the gate between our properties to enter the complex (marked in turquoise).

Location #2: Humble Origins Hospitality Management Office. This corporate building is located at 6403 Hwy 290 about 1/4 mile to the west of our complex. Visitors can park in the spaces immediately to the side and behind this building (outlined in pink) on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. DO NOT PARK IN THE HAMPTON INN PARKING LOT. We are working on getting a periodic shuttle to go from this lot to our gate. However, there is a path along the grass (marked in turquoise) that you can access to reach our complex. Please note that this parking will require you to cross McCarty Lane.

Location 3: Kid City USA. This child care center is located at 5616 McCarty Lane about 1/4 mile behind our complex. They have two circular drives with parking available along the edges (outlined in pink). Visitors can park in these spaces on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. DO NOT PARK ON THE LAWN GRASS BETWEEN THESE AREAS. We are working on getting a periodic shuttle to go from this lot to our gate. However, walking to our complex from this location will require walking along McCarty Lane (marked in turquoise) - all lots are gated private property and there is no way to cross the creek.