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OHYSA has been a vital and growing part of the Southwest Austin community since 1967, and even earlier when it was simply a dream to a group of determined volunteers.  In 1963 the Oak Hill Optimist Club purchased a lot off of Highway 290 and over the course of a year, through mostly volunteer labor, built a house. That house was placed on the market and the proceeds of its sale were used to fund the purchase of what would eventually become the 16 acre OHYSA complex. By 1964, the first fields were being developed, with a clubhouse and other facilities built to serve the players and their families.

In 1967, the complex opened and has been operating through Spring, Summer and Fall seasons since. In addition to developing athletic skills in players age 3 to 18, OHYSA is committed to imparting life lessons such as teamwork, preparedness, self-reliance, and accepting outcomes with grace. Many of our youth remain active when not playing by participating in umpire, grounds crew, facilities upkeep, and concession worker programs and activities.

Each year thousands of player, parents, spectators and fans of baseball and softball visit our complex to play, manage, officiate, volunteer or just to catch a game. We invite you to to come out and be one of them!

Frequently Asked Questions 

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Can my child play up to an older age division or down to a younger age division? No. Our rules do not allow a participant to deviate from their age group without Board of Directors approval, except in the case of a 6 year old playing up in the Pinto League, which will be allowed with the approval of the Baseball/Softball Commissioner.
Does my child have to attend a try-out session? Yes. In order for a participant to be an eligible candidate for the league draft, he/she must 1) be registered 2) have paid the registration fees or have an approved waiver, 3) have attended a try-out session. The only exceptions to the try-out requirement are when the participants return for their 2nd year of eligibility on the team or when the participant will be drafted as a priority draft selection, or for 6U and WeeBall players.
Do all players receive a trophy? No. All players in WeeBall through 8U will receive a trophy. Players in the other divisions will only trophies if the team finishes first or second in the end of season tournament.
How many practices and games are there?

In the Spring season a max 3 team meetings per calendar week including games in 6U, max 4 team meetings per calendar week including games for 8U and up. In the Fall season max of 2 team meetings per week. A calendar week runs from Monday through Sunday. A calendar week runs from Monday through Sunday.

Can I have my child removed from a team when a problem exists between a coach and a parent or between a coach and a child? If the following conditions are met: 1) an official request is submitted in writing prior to try-outs. 2) The request is due to problems encountered with the Team Manager or Priority Assistant and is not an attempt to manipulate the draft or team structure. 3) The parents making the request understand that if a player is released from the team, then the player must attend try-outs and is eligible for draft by any other team in the league. The released player cannot be selected as a Priority on another team. Final decision is at the discretion of the Board of Directors.
Can I request that my child not be drafted by a specific Team Manager or Priority Assistant? Yes, as long as the following conditions are met: 1) an official request is submitted in writing prior to try-outs. 2) The request is due to problems encountered with the Team Manager or Priority Assistant and is not an attempt to manipulate the draft or team structure. 3) No more than one team Manager or Priority Assistant can be specified in the request and only one request per season can be submitted by any one player.
If I encounter a problem with the program, who should I contact? The League Commissioner for your child's league is responsible for assisting you with any problems you may encounter. However, if your problem is specifically about uniforms, fundraising, umpires, or special events, please feel free to contact the Director of that particular area you are having problems with or the President or Vice President of OHYSA. Contact Us.
How are the rules developed in the OHYSA? During the Fall Association meetings, rule proposals are submitted and discussed with the general association membership. These rules are then presented to the Board of Directors for final determination. If you wish to become more involved and have a say in how the program is run then you should become an association member. Join Today!
As a non-coaching parent, is any participation required of me by this program? Yes, as a parent in this program, we do ask that you assist your team with field maintenance, work days, trash duty, fund-raising activities and attending and supporting special events promoted by OHYSA. The more participation by everyone involved provides for a stronger and more productive program.
If my child is hurt while playing in the program is there accident insurance to cover their injuries? Yes, we provide an accident insurance program secondary to your own insurance that becomes primary in case your child is uninsured. If your child is injured during a game or practice, please inform your coach IMMEDIATELY and email your commissioner directly to begin the claim process.
What is the refund policy? Registration fees are refundable 100% if your player is withdrawn prior to his or her division draft. If your player withdraws after draft but prior to the first day of games for the Association, fees are refundable up to 50%. Once games begin refunds will only be granted in the event of a season ending injury (medical proof of injury may be required). To withdraw your player email your commissioner directly.
What is a "Priority" Draft selection and how many are teams allowed? "Priority" draft selections are to be used solely as a method of allowing team managers and priority assistant coaches to draft their own children and to keep siblings on the same team for the benefit of the parents. Under no circumstances will a priority draft selection be allowed as a "free pick" of any eligible candidate. In order for a team manager to exercise a priority draft selection of a priority assistant coach's child, that team manager must present a priority assistant approval form to the league commissioner for that league, prior to the league draft. The priority assistant must sign the form and abide by the requirements set forth on the form to be eligible for a priority draft selection. No team may have more than 2 "priority " draft selections on the team roster during a given season (excluding sibling type priorities). A player taken as a priority draft selection shall remain a priority draft selection on that team for the duration of the 2 years of eligibility in that particular league. The only exception would be if that player quits during their second year of eligibility. A team manager must exercise a "priority" draft selection of his/her children and the child of his/her Priority Assistant Coach and/or the brothers/sisters of a player already a member of the team. A team manager is not required to select a priority assistant coach, however, if one is selected then they must be declared at the player draft. A priority draft selection of the team manager's children or the children of the priority assistant, shall begin in round 2 of the draft whereas the selection of brother/sisters (siblings) type priorities shall begin in round 5 of the draft.


If you have experienced any of the following within 2 to 14 days of your assigned game, you CANNOT call the game. Email COVID@ohysaboard.org with your name and game division/time as soon as you are able to let us know.

  • Fever 100.4F or higher
  • Sore throat
  • Cough
  • Shortness of breath
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Chills
  • Muscle pain
  • New loss of taste or smell

OHYSA Umpire Basics


Your UID changes EVERY season. For youth umpires playing in the current season, this ID is not the same as either the Player/Parent ID or the Registration ID.


If you are 18 or older, or will be turning 18 during the season SUBMIT A BACKGROUND CHECK.  


Complete a Release & Waiver of Liability. 

  • Current youth OHYSA players can skip this.
  • Minors not currently registered at OHYSA must have their parent/guardian complete waiver.
  • Adult umpires must complete waiver.


Complete and return a W9.  

You can email your completed and signed form to uic@ohysaboard.org (this is NOT an encrypted email address), or mail it to PO Box 91416 Austin 78709.

Pay Rate

  • 6U softball & baseball - $30
  • 8U softball & baseball - $35
  • 10U baseball - $40
  • 10U, 12U & 14U softball and 12U baseball - $45
  • 14U baseball - $50

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