Team Manager/Mom

Team Manager

This page will be updated throughout the season as we get have more detailed information to relay. Complete the form below to add yourself to the Team Mom database and you will receive an email when important info is added. 

What is a Team Manager/Team Mom/Business Manager/Momanger? This is the person that keeps the team and coaches in line. He or she can do any of the follow - or simply delegate to others on the team who want to volunteer: Scorekeeper, Dugout Coach, Pitch Counter, Scoreboard Controller, Snack & Trash Duty Scheduler, Point of Contact, Email Sender, Information Getter Outer.

Be Safe! 

Watch your kids at all times. Remember that anyone could drive into our complex during the season without our knowledge. There are also a variety of animals in the greenbelt that could present a danger to children. 

No wheeled vehicles – skates, scooters, bikes, unicycles. Parking and driving are difficult enough during the playing season.

Treat all roads inside the park like a city street. Use seat belts. Don’t drive with kids in truck beds, hanging out of car doors, or standing on sideboards. Stay off your phone. And take it slow. These are OUR kids out here – ALL of our kids. It’s not worth the risk.

Hide your valuables!! This goes hand in hand with not knowing who might be out there. We HAVE had break-ins on ridiculously busy days when owners were literally feet away. Don’t make it easy on thieves!

Beyond the Bases is an non-profit dedicated to making sure every child has an opportunity to play. Each year they donate to our Scholarship Fund and provide equipment to players in need.  If you have gently used equipment, look for the blue bins at each concession stand or next to the playscape. Equipment sales are held throughout the year.

For more info visit

Communication from the league is sent via email or newsletter, and posted on the website. Contact information for all Board members and Commissioners are available on our website under Contact Us.

Rainouts are posted on the website and emailed as soon as we confirm field conditions. We also have a Facebook page - like us now to receive updates about league activities in your feed! 

Compassion. Remember that the kids on the fields are kids. Even a big ol’ 14 year old feels bad after a loss or error. Treat your kid, your kid’s teammates, and the other team’s kids with respect, fairness and kindness. 

OHYSA abides by a Zero Tolerance Policy. Please review it and make the other parents on your team aware of it.

Having and scheduling team snacks after the game is entirely up to you. This generally ends around age 10. Team Tokens can be purchased at the concession stand for $1 each, and are good for a small popcorn & soda, or a snow cone. 

Each team is assigned a weekly trash duty by their commissioners. Just pick up trash in and around your field and dump any blue barrels that are full a couple of times that week.

The newly renovated Concession Stand is located at the back of the complex opposite the playscape. Concessions sales cold drinks, snacks and hot meal options, and are a fundraising endeavor for the league. Visit often for special combos, team meal and snack deals, and icy cold fountain drinks! 

Dog, cats & other critters. Only trained assistance animals are allowed on property. No pets – regardless of age, temperament or circumstances should be in the complex, even if they are muzzled, kenneled, or on-leash.

Parking is our #1 issue. We do not have enough parking and there is very little we can do about that. Here are a few things we want to avoid. Please STRESS these to your team.

  • Parking with ANY part of your vehicle in the roadway. 
  • Parking in any area with a NO PARKING sign.
  • Parking blocking field gates or the equipment shed, sidewalks, or anywhere posts and chains have been erected.
  • Parking behind someone if you don’t know them and they don’t know you.
  • Parking over or next to dirt piles used for field maintenance.

The fenced playscape is located behind the Pony field, placed where the possibility of home runs or foul balls are minimal. It is, however, play at your own risk and will not be manned or overseen by any league personnel. Very young children should not be left unattended.

The home team should keep the scorebook and visitor the scoreboard. Scoreboard controllers can be checked out by and instructions on their use given, by Board Members.