Coaches Corner

Director of Coaching & Clinics - Lake View Baseball & Softball - Mr. Mark Stahlka -

Coaching Resources - Baseball & Softball

To obtain your Cal Ripken Coaching Certification, please click HERE. You can also login here to print your certificate at any time. Use the link for "First Time Coaches".

The following resources are available for use for all of our Baseball and Softball coaches. Click on each link for additional information:

 - Lake View Baseball & Softball Coaching Manual - includes summary on coaching and sample practice plans

 - Lake View Baseball & Softball Coaching Philosophy - details what we expect of our coaches

 - Baseball Warm-Ups - sample warm  up exercises before starting practice

 - Cal Ripken Baseball Training Materials - link to CR Virtual Academy

 - Baseball Drills and Coaching Tips - sample drills

 - Expert Baseball Tips - sample drills

 - Baseball/Softball Glove Buying Guide - how to select the right glove for your child

 - Baseball Bat Fitting/Buying Guide - how to select the right bat for your child