Sponsorship Options

Please read thru our sponsorship options.  If interested you may download our application located here =============>

OPTION #1: Sponsor any TWO teams:$300.00

  • Advertise on individual player uniforms: Sponsor name on the back of all players’ uniforms for their team.
  • Advertise on our web page:  Web site visitation has dramatically increased due to on-line registration, team pages, instructions/documents, and many other valuable features all being available to parents, players and coaches.   
  • Just a click away:  Sponsor’s direct link to their own corporate web page.
  • Announcement of each Sponsor’s name at least (2x) during the season during our opening announcements prior to the National Anthem.
  • Your company name will again be the Team name. In other leagues the teams are MLB teams. We believe there is great value to your brand by having your Business Name as the team’s identifying name.


OPTION #2: Sponsor an Outfield Banner: $300.00 (Reduced to $200 if you sponsor 2 teams)

  •  4 ft. x 6 ft. custom made vinyl banner hung on our BRAND NEW permanent outfield fence.
  • Professionally produced signs, with state of the art graphics and your customized logo, are placed on the outfield fences and will there for one year.
  • Inclusion on our website at www.lakeviewathletics.org.
  • Annual renewal rate of $150.00.
  • Hundreds of families will see your customized banner each week.
  • We encourage our members to support our sponsors.
  • We have a limited number of spots available on our BRAND NEW fence. Placement of banner in the outfield will be based on receipt of payment. Hurry up and get your payment in so you get one of the best placements in Center Field.
  • BEST VALUE. Priced reduced to ONLY $200.00 if you sponsor two teams.
  • BLUE MONSTER Outfield Sign is $500 with a renewal rate of $300. Sign is 4 ft. x 8ft.

OPTION #3: Sponsor (1) Baseball or (1) Soccer Team: $200.00

  •  All the above benefits without the website option.