Updated Handbook-

The purpose of this page is to inform you that the NAYSA Handbook has been revised.  These revisions were made to align the NAYSA rules with the modern rules of soccer. Revisions include providing clarification on existing rules, providing rules which were not a part of the original Handbook, and actual rule changes. If you have any questions, please send an email to NAYSAORG@gmail.com.  The complete handbook is linked here.

Below are some highlights of the changes: 

  • Referees - The original Handbook noted that parents can receive yellow and red cards. This is no longer the case. The new approach is that coaches are responsible to ensuring their parents are not verbally abusive towards the referees. However, the Board does reserve the right to ask a parent to leave the premises for such behavior. 
  • Yellow Card – The original Handbook stated that if a player receives a yellow card, they are suspended from that current game. The new rule mimics the high school approach where if a player receives a yellow card, that player must be substituted for and cannot return to play until the next legal substitution opportunity. 
  • Handball – The original Handbook did not contain a Handball section. The new Handbook not only includes a section, but provides context and clarity for when one should be called. 
  • Kick-Off – Original Handbook required the ball to move forward; this has been revised to simply state the ball has to simply travel a revolution (which allows it to be played back upon kick-off). 
  • Goal Kick – This is a big change. Original Handbook stated the ball must leave the penalty area before the anyone else touches the ball. The new Handbook modernizes this: the goal kick does not need to leave the penalty area before it is touched by another player however, the opponent must be outside the penalty area until the goal kick has been taken. 
  • Drop Ball – Original Handbook did not contain a Drop Ball section. The new Handbook includes a section and all drop balls are uncontested. 
  • Division Specific Rules (both 6 & Under and 8 & Under) – Build-Out Rule: This is a new concept and rule for NAYSA that has been incorporated in youth play. Starting this season, the Build-Out Rule will be in effect for the 6 & Under and 8 &Under Divisions. The Build-Out Rule is when the goalkeeper has the ball in their hands (and for goal kicks) opposing players must retreat behind the midfield line. As soon as the goalkeeper throws, rolls, passes from the feet or once the goal kick is taken, the opposing players can cross the midfield build line. 

Lastly, a reminder: General Rules – Misc. Rules – If a team is down by 5 or more goals, they can add another player until the score differential is 3 goals