Essex County Youth Soccer Association



  1. Strength Charts – July 24th
  2. Cards and Packets – if they exist – July 31st
  3. GGD Team Placement – August 3rd
  4.  New Coaches Meeting – September 7th
  5. Opening Day – September 11t
  6. Season Closes – November 6th


May 18, 2021

Dear All,

MASK UPDATE: As you know there continues to be a lot of changes in the covid mitigation as we move towards the Governor lifting Order 67 of the statewide mandate and the end of the State of Emergency on June 15th. 

The latest update from the MYS website is attached.  In short all players 18 YO and younger do not need to wear masks while on the field of play.  All players and adults 19 YO and older must still wear masks at all times when they cannot be socially distant from everyone else.

All coaches and players on the bench must continue to wear a mask.  In addition please note that if you have PG players on your older teams who are 19 YO they must also continue to wear masks.  

NOTE:  It is also still unclear as to what impact the lifting of the State Mask Mandate will have on the EEA requirements.  So please be clear with you people that the 29th is not necessarily a wholesale lifting of all mask mandates until we hear that from the EEA.  

ECYSA Championship:   June 13-20: We are putting together the plans and schedule for our spring championship.  The tournament will be similar to past years but will have more time between games and no "hanging out" at the various facilities. 

MTOC: June 25-27:  MTOC is being planned for the end of June.  Pool play will consist of three games. (a double header and a single game) on Friday and Saturday.  Teams will either play one game on Friday and two on Saturday or two on Friday and one on Saturday) Semis and Finals will be on Sunday.  The ECYSA Champions of each age group in the MTOC 1 and MTOC 2 divisions will represent ECYSA at MTOC.  In addition we also have wild cards in the G6B MTOC 2, G8G MTOC 1 and G8B MTOC 2.  In those age groups the second place team will also earn a berth at MTOC.  So as we move to the close of the season please prepare your teams who are in the running for the playoffs to be ready for both tournaments. 

Thanks for all you do to serve your players and coaches throughout the season.  Please let me know if you have additional questions. 



UPDATE - MAY 10, 2021

Playoff Qualifiers for ECYSA Championship  (Subject to change if needed) 

G6 - Top two from each group

G8 - Top two from each group 

High School Groups as follows:

G11 G - M-1 :  Top 3 teams              

              M-2 :  Top 4 teams              

              C- 1:    Top 4 teams  

PG G - M-1 : Top 6 teams

G11 B - M-1 :  Top 3 teams              

              M-2 : Top 4 teams              

              C- 1:  Top 2 from each group 

PG B - M-1 :  Top 3 from each group      

            C -1 : Top 3 teams 


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