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Prior to the Start of the Season

Quite often coaches (usually new) don't always know what their responsibilities are. Even if you are a seasoned coach, please read and make sure you understand the material that follows.


After receiving your coaches' packet, check to see that it is complete. It should contain: One (1) Laminated game roster, ECYSA ID cards (1 per player & coach), four (4) ECYSA game cards for G4, G6, G8 and three (3) for G11, GPG. If anything is missing, or not correct, contact your Travel Director immediately.


Check your and your assistant's name and telephone #'s. If you don't have an assistant, pick a contact person on the team. Check your team colors and those of the other teams in your group for conflicts. Check that your home field is correct. Review the dates/times for your games and conflicts; per ECYSA re-schedule criteria. If there are any, reschedule, NOW! By contacting your Travel Director and all affected opposing coaches IMMEDIATELY!


Prior to the start of the season, you should read all the rules at least once. Pay attention to the "COMPETITION" and "DISCIPLINE" sections. You are responsible to know and adhere to all the rules.


Your laminated roster should have been stamped by the ECYSA registrar. Check to see that all your players' names are included on the roster. If not, DO NOT hand write the players’ name on the Laminated Roster. If you do, your roster will no longer be valid. Instead, contact your TD immediately, because you must get a new roster.

Prior to your first game, add your players' uniform numbers to your roster if they are not listed already. The Laminated Roster should have a strip of white tape on it. Write the number on that tape next to your players' names. This is the only permissible marking you may make to the Laminated Roster!


Your packet should have 1 player ID card with correct player Photo and Date of Birth for each player on your team. Make sure the Player ID cards are not laminated on the same sheet. If they are, cut each Player ID card free from others. If anything is missing or not correct, contact your Travel Director immediately!!


Your packet should have 1 ECYSA Coaches ID card with a sticker for the current season and year for each coach. If a coach on your team coaches multiple teams, it is possible for his or her card to be in someone else's packet if it is not in yours. Coaches are only permitted to have a single valid Coaches ID card. If anything is missing, or not correct, contact your Travel Director immediately.

While on the sidelines, all coaches must display a valid Mass Youth Soccer Association Credential. These are NOT included in your packet. Instead, you get these from your own organization.


Your packet should include four (4) ECYSA score cards, one for every HOME game. Fill them out now with the following information:

  • HOME TEAM NAME - your TOWN and TEAM name.
  • AWAY TEAM NAME - the opponent’s TOWN and TEAM name.
  • GAME # - This comes from your schedule; It is not 1, 2...8
  • DATE - The scheduled date (If for some reason, it is changed you can cross it out then and write the new one in).
For every HOME game, you give one score card to the Referee.


Make a list of the things you need to bring to games (Rosters, ID cards, score cards, game ball, players, alternate color shirts, etc.)


The Home Team Coach is responsible for reporting the score to the ECYSA web page within 2 days by 9:00 PM after the date the game was played. The last game of the season must be reported the same day it is played. There is a $10.00 fine for failing to report a game score. Report scores using ECYSA website, see web score reporting instruction in this booklet, however, if reporting by phone due to an emergency, leave your name, the game #, home team name and score, away team name and score. (For ex. Hi, this is Mike Jones reporting the score for game # 1100; Peabody United 1, Lynn Strikers 3)

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